Need help identifying various Speedplay pedals

Over the years I’ve bought 4 different sets of Speedplay pedals for either a road or TT bike. As I’ve sold bikes I’ve kept the pedals. I’ve also bought newer models, though none since the acquisition of Speedplay by Wahoo, and now have a problem. I’d like to sell some of the pedals but I don’t know which cleat to recommend to the buyers. Is there a website or anyone who can help me identify which pedals I have?

All the new Wahoo pedals are mutually compatible with the both the new cleats. The old Zeros are also compatible with the new pedals and cleats.

The ultra light action pedals and cleats are partially compatible with the new versions. The old light action and X pedals and cleats are only compatible with themselves.

Here’s a chart.

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To identify them.
Old Speedplay Zeros

Old light action (note the dimples on top)

Old Xs. Note the flat top, but metal only partly around pedal.

The new Wahoo pedals have metal all around.

I’m not sure how to distinguish light action from ultra light action pedals (or even if they are different).

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For the new pedals, there is no difference between standard and easy action pedals. There are two cleats, however: standard and easy tension. But they go with the same pedals. I think that’s a huge improvement.

The other thing to note is that the old zero cleats work with the new pedals. The old X and Easy Action cleats don’t.