Wahoo SpeedPlay Pedals

New Wahoo SpeedPlay pedals installed, cleats installed and adjusted. Oh and a new derailleur. All ready to play on the road tomorrow.


Looks good Gerry. I hadn’t realised they were in the shops yet!

Were you already riding speedplay or is this a change of pedal system for you? Be interested to hear what you think of them.

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I would be interested to know people’s experience with Speedplays in general. I’ve always ridden Look, but I have a pair of Speedplays and was interested in trying them (or getting some of the new wahoo models).

What is the platform like, stability-wise? They seem so…small. And how are the cleats?

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Stability wise if you can keep the cleat centered on your foot they seem to do okay. I’ve used them for forever for several reasons, one being that I could adjust them all the way in side to side but found they wore much less when I modified some super long spindles to the size I needed to center the cleat up. They are a high maintenance system and need grease on the bearings every couple months and dry lube on the cleats often to keep them running smoothly.

They have a very positive engagement that doesn’t release on accident. They can be difficult to get in/out of at first but they do break in after a while. The cleats last around 3000-5000 miles depending on how well you keep them clean. They do not tolerate getting gunk in them very well.

All in all if you need something that can be fine tuned to a specific position then they are the best option but know they come with a maintenance schedule.

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Hi John, I have been running SpeedPlays for several years now. It was time for new cleats anyway and up pops the Wahoo add. I will report back after todays PI RIDE!

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Hi Alan, the new version does not require greasing anymore as the bearings are sealed. Also the redesign of the pedals provides a more stable click in/out process. I have the COMPS which are the east clip in/out version and will test them out tomorrow. The cleats are really not that much maintenance, no worse than maintaining the rest of the bike. I carry the inserts for walking and that will eliminate most dirt from causing issues. Keep the cleats clean and couple drops of dry lube and off you go.


@GJStache53 Since you’re using Speedplays for some time - me too, by the way - did you try whether the new pedals fit with “old” cleats and vice versa? Thanks, Peter

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Yup, I knew the new ones have different bearings that are supposed to be less of a pain. My response was more directed at “a pair I have laying around” which are likely not the new style.

I envy those that don’t have to lube their cleats every ride. I don’t do inside but I can tell after 3-4 indoor rides it gets harder to clip out and a quick shot of lube makes it go away for a few rides. Outdoors I lube them for every ride. I’ve got a can of DuPont dry ptfe spray, it was one if the ones speedplay used to recommend, that I have in the car with the shoes in the summertime so I don’t forget to grt them a quick blast before I put them on.

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Hi, I did not bother to try that as my old cleat were rather worn and beat up. They look very similar but not sure how much difference there is with the new COMP version I bought. By the way the new pedals and cleats are awesome, easy clip-in/out on my 50 mile ride yesterday.

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Sounds good to me. I have a bottle if the SpeedPlay dry lube that work well.

Great they are working well, thanks anyway. Read this morning in Cycling Weekly they are downward compatible so replacing cleats and still be able to grease the old pedals is possible. Cheers

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Let us know how your like the new gravel setup. I’m on SRAM AXS and it works very well for a 2x12 setup for both road and gravel. Back acting up or I’d be on The Mountain today. A competitor just ran a camp up it last week. They got to see the snow

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New gravel setup?

@GJStache53 : That’s what came on the Pinarello. I ordered it that way. Right now I’m on Keos. I want to change to something else, either SPD or Speedplay. I’m having issues getting out of the pedals on flat ground and the cleats are not worn to replacement, yet.

No trouble at all unclipping with these new pedals and cleats.

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Two days ago I was browsing the Wahoo Website and, on a whim, decided I need a pair of Speedplay pedals.

Need is a strong word. My Shimano system was working flawlessly but Wahoo’s offering looks so shiny. :slight_smile:
Kidding aside, I‘m taking them with me to my bikefitter next week and will discuss if they can help solve my knee issues…

Speedplay Nano’s are probably overkill for an indoor smarttrainer setup but the “Comp” were not available yet.

First impressions on the new pedals looks good. Well build. I just wish they would use allen-bit instead of philips-head screws.


I have the COMP’s and they are excellent. Clipping in/out is a breeze for sure. Guessing you are talking about the Philips head screws for the cleats and yes it would be easier with Allen bits. But at least they are treated with loktite and I use the speedplay torque wrench as well.

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@Pierre @GJStache53 Well I finally picked up a pair of Speedplay Zeros. They are great - easy to clip in and out and good power transfer. Clipping in is much easier than my prior Look Keo pedals.

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“Good power transfer”,

Hear this all the time, but surely it’s almost identical for any pedal system.

Foot goes down, crank goes round. Doesn’t really change based on the shape of the cleat / pedal system.

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@James_T Perhaps but the Speedplay pedals are less than half the size of the Look Keos while also allowing two sided entry.