Speedplay cleats?

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So quick question for any speedplay pedal pros/fans out there. I have an old pair of speedplays - I think they were the ultra lights - that I’d like to put on my indoor/winter trainer, but I don’t have cleats for them anymore. Anyone know compatibility with the new(er) SP cleats? I’ve had the devil’s own time finding information online.


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I have the speedplay zeros with the limiting screws for play. I would contact your local LBS for the best and probably quickest response. I do not remember the size on the pedals changing in size for years.

Those look old. You should follow the advise above as I know speedplay discontinued some of the cleats but I don’t know which ones and they maybe the ones that go with those pedals.

Unless one of the wahoo minions has any insight??

I have Speedplay Zeros from 2012 with the metal cleats and am now riding them with the new Zero Aero Walkable Cleats without problems.

Probably the same is valid for the ultra light action walkable cleats. Speedplay only warns not to mix new and old parts from the cleats (Never install cleats using any combination of new cleat parts and old cleat parts. When replacing cleats, replace all used parts with Walkable Cleat parts.) So I would assume you can use your old pedals with the new cleats from the same series. Maybe contact their support?

I had hoped Wahoo would improve the Website, Documentation and compatibility Matrix faster but nothing seems to have been released to the public since the acquisition in 09/2019. I would also love to buy a powermeter :sweat_smile: when Covid is hopefully done.

Walking is like day and night. While the old ones were no fun to walk at and a hazard on smooth surfaces like metal and tiles the walk-able ones are really great.
The first cover lasted over 8.200km and the second one now has 6500km under the belt and is still looking good. But the old cleats were worn out by walking quickly too. At least now you can just swap the rubber cover and not swear at the nonexistent thread from the poor rest of the :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: screw head.

Best of luck,

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Now there is News :slight_smile:


Ha! Right? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE release some replacement cleats for my old X1 pedals, so I don’t have to pay >$100 on eBay for NOS.

Tell you what Wahoo, YOU start selling X1 cleats again, and I will buy a Wahoo Climb for my pain cave. Fair? Fair.


Essentially, Wahoo has distilled the Speedplay lineup down to four main pedals:

– Nano (Titanium): 168g per set & $449USD
– Zero (Stainless Steel): 222g per set $229USD
– Comp (Chromoly): 232g per set & $149
– Aero (Stainless Steel): 224g per set & $279

When it comes to the pedals themselves, there’s been some changes to match the Wahoo industrial design styling, such as the look of the spindle. But also changes to a few minor internal bits. They noted that you should no longer have to grease your pedals, because the new Speedplay pedals actually have a properly designed custom seal (o-ring) in them, versus what was basically an off-the-shelf one that didn’t fit perfectly previously.


Or I can just buy a new set of pedals…


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New COMP pedals and cleats (2nd set for my other shoes) ordered and glad I no longer have to grease the pedals.

And apparently power pedals coming mid year-ish!!! :grin::grin::grin::grin:
That from Wahoo off their Instagram!!!


My new COMP pedals will arrive tomorrow and the timing was perfect as I needed new cleats anyway and on one of the pedals the tiny screw you remove for greasing was stripped. So all in all a great improvement.

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Just found this although no longer needed :slight_smile:

And there is also the FCC Report from the Powrlink Pedals with images and a little bit Manual

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