New speedplay covers don't fit on new cleats?

i bought a new pair of covers a few months back and they fit fine on my old cleats. then the cleats broke today and so i installed a new pair, but the now-only-slightly-old covers don’t fit.

the metal plate on the new cleats is completely flat, but on the old one it is stamped such that the screw heads are closer to your feet and hence don’t touch the ground:

i’m wondering whether the LBS gave me as-new cleats which had been sitting on the shelf for years and hence are a really old design.

can anyone share pics of their new cleats and whether recently purchased replacement covers actually fit? thx!

Top picture is new stock of old style cleats. The bottom picture is the new “aero” style of cleats.

thanks sir_alan. so is it possible to still get covers for old-style non-aero cleats?

Maybe. Search speedplay cafe covers. See the picture I attached. The green check is for the old style, the red X is likely what you’re thinking when you say cover. The cafe covers weren’t meant to stay on the whole time.

thanks for the info @Sir_Alan ! do you happen to know if the light action covers are compatible with zero cleats?

walmart has great deals on speedplay parts. i would’ve never guessed.

Without seeing them I wouldn’t be able tell you, sorry

they work! light action covers on zero cleats. thanks for the suggestion.