New 4DP test for new rollers

I have been using Sufferfest for a few years with my 30 year old Performance twin turbine rollers and power meter pedals. Workouts are based on my 4DP results. After considerable deliberation and testing I settled on Tru Trainer rollers, which use a flywheel inside the middle roller for resistance. I suspect I should do a new 4DP test on my new rollers, as GOAT was my first ride and I had a hard time meeting watts that I usually have no trouble hitting.
Hopefully I will get 30 years from these rollers which will get me to 92…

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Makes sense to redo the test (I always do the 7 day test plan that includes a HM on day 3 and a FF on day 7). That said, measuring power at the pedals and shifting to maintain the desired cadence, the resistance of the rollers shouldn’t matter, more or less. If they have more resistance, you’ll basically being riding in a lower gear at the same power and ~cadence.

Having a flywheel might have an effect as it’ll take more effort to accelerate and it’ll hold more speed if you pause pedal force very briefly rather than decelerate as fast as simple rollers do, but during the testing intervals in the HM and FF, there’s no pausing.