4DP Test on MTB Recommendations

Hi there
Im new here so i hope its not a re-post.
I have just signed up to Sufferfest after using Zwift.
I am using my Mtb on a Wahoo Kickr - its 1 x 12
Just curious what recommendations do people have to complete the 4DP test. I noticed that when in my lowest gear im struggling to get a decent amount of power down when not in an ERG mode workout.
Any info would be awsome

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If you’re struggling for resistance using the lowest gear have you tried, erm, using a harder gear?

Then, you have “level” modes within the app, 0-9. 0 being very little resistance and 9 being lots more resistance. If you’re spinning out in top gear in level 9 then you’re a beast :joy:

It does take a bit of practice to get the right combination of gearing and level. I wouldn’t advise that you do Full Frontal without playing around with level and gearing first. Try running Primers in level mode the day before to get yourself ready.

Hi there - I’ve used the same setup for probably 6 months including quite a few tests. It’s all just as do’able on our 1x12 setups as it is on a road bike with it’s close ratio’s. The only thing I didn’t do as well with was the 5s power in FF the first couple of times … I didn’t pick the right level to do it in basically. What chainring you using? I’ve got an oval 32 on the front - with the standard SRAM XD thing out back so it at least has a proper small cog to use.

As the guys have said - def worth some practice with the sprinting side of things and the VO2 type side of things so you know what level you need to use … this is especially true for us with this set up as we can’t just swap big ring to small ring and v/v at the front. Which is a pest for things where there are quicker intervals - but for those, we are best using Level mode, and just working out what level we need to be at - so that we have some leeway in the cassette.

Happy to help compare notes as have used the same set up here a lot.


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Hello Lian,
Welcome to Sufferlandria :volcano: I do a little cheet sheet on how to set up my 4DP runs.