New Frame Day

My new Frame Matt lemon fading in Chameleon brown/Lichen green. Check out some of their frames are UCI approved. Stunning paint job as standard


Your (gorgeous) frame was built by Elves???


:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Ha ha… didn’t think of that. just need the time to build it now

Love the shapes and that colour! WOW!!

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Was this the doorbell mid-ride today? :rofl:

Looks great!

There were still a few issues with open mic for you, but once you turned off the music, we only heard the occasional rev and brakes from the SYSTM workout. You need to find the “Push To Talk” mode in RGT in the “Voice” area.

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No, this came the other day. Not sure what that was as it has gone back to the sorting office so I will have to go and collect it. Yes, was getting confused. you have “open mic” which I presume is open all the time so I can hear and talk. Then I found “push to talk” but using that didn’t seem to make any difference and I found “voice” but couldn’t work it out. A short explanation would help

A… how to listen but not talk
B… how to talk( ie: switch the mic on and off) but not to have the mic on all the time
c… how to have the sound running in the SYSTM app for me to hear but not so other RGT users hear it



Stunning colours!


Thanks yes, this is just one of their standard paint options. You can get a customised paint job for extra cost

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