New GCN drop

Looks like GCN and Wahoo are back together. For this at least.

Welcome to Sufferlandria, Cillian Kelly!



For all of you trying FF for the first time…Cillian feels your pain.


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Despite the videos on SYSTM gone, I don’t think Wahoo ever left GCN. All the presenters still use Wahoo computers and trainers.

But it is good to see Wahoo spending some marketing on GCN specifically for SYSTM - so hopefully that’s a good sign for the future…


Hahaha. Soooo relatable! Thanks for sharing.

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Cillian’s a good guy. He led a GCN ride on Zwift in January. We destroyed him as a pack, but he had me laughing throughout.

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Was there a Discord thingy?

No. Texting only.

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notes first gen Wahoo HRM

This was fantastic!

Cillian’s a great presenter to do this and I’m sure many people can relate to him. The quip about needing to do yoga solo was hilariously honest.

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I’ll say this - I envy him the trip to Flanders…

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