Sufferlandria logo needed in hi-res

Dammes and Sirs in suffering.
Can any of you share with me the vector/high-res Sufferlandria logo please.

Hi again.
Seriously no one who downloaded the one from the webpage prior rebranding?

I guess the logo is the intellectual property of Wahoo so you could write to the minions and ask but they would probably want to know what purpose(s) you have in mind.

So it was before.
Minions pretend they have no access to … This is not the change we’ve dreamt of.

@Tomaneq_Piziorski Have you tried the way back machine?

Hi SantiagoB.
I have tired that. No success though, the former Media Kit section hasn’t been archived.

Is this what you need?

Unfortunately not.
I am after the bleeding eyes logo atm.