🧠 New Knowledge Episode - The Power of Positive Mental Strategies 🧠

Using positive mental strategies whether for a week-long training camp or the upcoming Tour of Sufferlandria can make all the difference when the going gets tough. Coaches Suzie Snyder and Jeff Hoobler break down how to use positive mental strategies to get the most out of yourself. Plan and practice, pre-record or script it, write it down. If a negative thought creeps in, it’s okay. Hear Jeff and Suzie’s takeaways to help you deal with your inner voice that is yelling "STOP! "

Listen here: The Knowledge Podcast


Nice cast people :slight_smile:

FYI, at 10:40 the audio cuts, and repeats, slows then repeats again.

Where may I find sources for studies showing that “ Self regulated self talk as long as positive 23.4 percent increase. It also reduces perceived exertion and enhances endurance. Leads to increases in power and improved time trial performance.”?



Hey @Micah and welcome to the forums! I don’t have a clue myself but perhaps @Coach.Suzie.S or @Coach.Jeff.H can point you in the right direction.

What I can say anecdotally, is that I did the Sufferfest (now SYSTM) Mental Training Program (a few times actually) and can attest to it helping me achieve a number of goals I previously had never thought would be possible. A Knighthood was one, a few virtual Everestings and a half irl Everesting were others (and I’m not stopping there).


@Micah, I found an article by HAMILTON et. al. Assessing the Effectiveness of Self-Talk Interventions on Endurance Performance that states that

The mean improvement for the self-regulated positive self-talk group and assisted negative self-talk groups were 205 KP/M (23.4%) and 94.4 KP/M (11%), respectively.

Does that help?


The Hamilton study that @TrapMeSuf noted above was one, and these are the other two that we referenced:

Hope that helps!


I found out a good mental strategy this morning, quite by accident.

I lost count of how many Vo2 intervals I had done, and did 8 instead of 6 :slight_smile:


If I have to count ANYTHING in my head over 5 I lose track. On the handful of times I’ve golfed, I just say to put me down as the maximum.