🚀 New Knowledge Episode - Techniques to improve breathing efficiency 🚀

I’m not sure who said it best. Sting or Mac Cassin and Jeff Hoobler " Every Breath You Take"

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In this week’s new drop Jeff and Mac discuss “Techniques to improve breathing efficiency”.

Does breathing really come naturally? Mac and Jeff explore the science of breathing and share techniques to improve your efficiency. Mac and Jeff look at how breathing works, why kids and animals are the only ones who really breathe properly, and why you’re probably not breathing as efficiently as you could be. After taking you through a breathing exercise to help you get a better sense of how you breathe, they share some thoughts and tools that can help you improve your breathing efficiency.

Enjoy it! It’s Nice!


Good show two areas I would like as extension: training for altitude which is I think another use of restricted flow and asthma. I have a bit of cold and exercise induced asthma. It is something I think breath training has helped me with (well moving to az helped with cold too…but is bad for other air quality issues). I use an airofit and like using systm it is good for putting me on a program, using a variety of patterns, etc. I do altitude by going to s Utah 2k meters and climbing but would like to get a better head start at times.

I just listened to this podcast over the past week, and while I’m aware of the various Yoga videos that practice specific breathing techniques, I think it may be cool to have an Elements of Style video but geared towards practicing breathing techniques during different kinds of cycling efforts - sprints, map efforts, threshold, etc…

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@Devries Some of this tutorial is already in the revised Tapers video along with tips on avoiding pain face but overall that is a good idea and it probably bears mentioning in some of the other Sufferfest videos as they get remastered.


the Mental Skills sessions also take in breath work. but most of this is more like the yoga, learning box breathing or going to a meditative state.

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