🍫 New Knowledge Podcast - Cycling During Your Cycle Part 3: Nutrition and Hydration 🍫

The different phases of the menstrual cycle impact the way your body uses the food you put in it, as well as how you hydrate. In this episode, Wahoo coaches Suzie Snyder and Dr. Jinger Gottschall look at fueling and hydration strategies to help you get the most out of your training, no matter what phase of your cycle you’re in.

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Great podcast, I have seen and listen to many about women and the menstrual cycling. I would love to see training geared toward women in SYSTM. Has there been any thought to making a training plan option that is set up to optimize a women’s training through the month? Right now I have to strategically choose my plan’s start date but that just gets my rest week were I need it but the underlying sessions might not be the most beneficial for me depending on the week.


Thanks for listening Rebecca.
I think we would all love to see programs that can account for and customize workouts for a woman’s cycle, however it’s going to take a while for SYSTM to get there. I don’t know for sure because I don’t have much knowledge about AI, but from what I understand, once we have the ability to generate plans via AI, personal factors such as your cycle may be used to customize your plan. Right now we just don’t have the capacity for that kind of personalization unless you’ve purchased a customized training plan. And even then, we’re still fairly limited in how often we make adjustments to the plan…which is why we’re giving YOU the KNOWLEDGE! Having the understanding about how your body works gives you the freedom and the power to make changes based on how you feel each and every day, which is better than any coach can do in writing a plan based on how you’re “Supposed to feel” at any given time. That is unless you can call your coach daily to check in and get an updated training plan, which I don’t think even the Olympians do! And of course, we’re always available here on the forum if you have questions that everyone could benefit from having a coach respond to, and if you want more personal advice, you can take advantage of our “Chat with a coach” feature.

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As a male, listening to this podcast, was a learning curve for me in that I cannot understand physiologically what is going on with a females body at the different phases of their cycles, and yet I insist that the ladies who ride with just ‘man-up’ on group rides being totally unaware of these additional matters that could be influencing performance.

I think the time has come to acknowledge that we are anatomically different too, and that we should be able to talk freely about the nuances that both genders face wrt gear and equipment without feeling awakward. Just wearing lycra is indicative of how differetly we are put together with lumps and bumps in different places.

A great listen was had.