New Software Update Lose All Downloaded Rides?

I can’t be sure but I think I’d downloaded some rides on the iPad app but after the new update does that wipe out all downloaded rides and you need to download them all again ? Is this correct and is there anyway to keep the rides even after an update so you don’t have to download them all again ?

Are you talking about the old The Sufferfest and the new SYSTM software or that minor update a couple of days ago?

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Ive kinda noticed anytime there’s an update all the downloaded rides get wiped and need to be downloaded again I think it happened when I updated to 7.5.0 this afternoon

I have to check. It didn’t happen to me with the previous update (Windows). However, I noticed that some videos have changed (strength) and updated them. It wasn’t required though.

It’s not too big a deal really as my wife here is pretty decent but I do download them anyway just in case

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But I see the point. In my case, it takes a while to download videos since the Wifi is not super strong in the cellar.

I’ll ask @David.McQuillen.KoS should a software update wipe all the downloaded videos or should it have no affect and if it does is it just on certain devices ?

@Shaned1972 @AndM It is true that you will have to re-download the videos when you update to SYSTM. We couldn’t keep them since we had to change some things about how they worked with SYSTM. The SUF and SYSTM videos/workouts are separate from those that SUF used.

Once you are on SYSTM and there are updates to it, though, you shouldn’t see files needing to be re-downloaded.

Sometimes we update the videos in SYSTM. There are various reasons for this but when we do, the app will prompt you to re-download the video since it has been updated by us. If you are missing videos outside of those reasons, I’d encourage you to contact our support team and explain what’s happening.