'Downloaded' filter gone?

I usually download the workout before starting it. Then a couple of times a week I would filter videos by those ones downloaded and delete most of them to save space on the phone. I cant see this filter on the iOS version. Has it moved? Is there another way to manage the videos that have been downloaded?


Identifying downloaded videos, and seeing times ridden/ duration since last ridden are all features that aren’t currently functioning in SYSTM, but are near the top of the list for the updates that we’ll be rolling out over the next few weeks.


This is my only frustration at the moment. It’s a pain working out what you’ve downloaded to be able to free up space. Good to hear something’s coming.

The download filter returned on iOS 7.12.0 :partying_face:

Great. Sadly it‘s missing if you enter directly via channel like The Sufferfest or GCN.

So it is! I’ve always just clicked Cycling rather than a channel, seems a bit of an oversight but hopefully it’ll get fixed soon.

Some sorting options like TSS and IF are missing in the channels as well. Should be easy to fix as the functionality is already there.

Yup. I always start with Cycling and select channel after. It would be nice to get all the search and sort stuff synch’d up so they didn’t depend on where you start from.

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