Problem with Speedplay cleats

I have had three different sets of Speedplay Easy Tension cleats sent to me by Competitive Cyclist and every single set has been missing the Cleat Surround. What is the purpose of the Cleat Surround? My old Speedplay cleats are pretty much worn out and I don’t really want to buy new pedals.

I’m a bit confused with your post, but just in general the Easy Tension cleats do not have the Cleat Surround. Only the Standard Tension cleats do. It’s supposed to make them more aerodynamic.

The instructions show them as being included, so I am quite confused.

The instructions are the same for both, however the easy tension cleats are the “comp” ones and in the instructions it specifies:

(not included with COMP) for the cleat surrounds.

How is anyone supposed to know the Easy Tension cleats are the same as the Comp?

The reason I know is that the pedals with the easy tension cleats is referred to as “Comp”, and that’s what I bought for my indoor trainer setup so it was in my brain.

IDK the answer to the questions, but for my money, the benefit of the cleat surround is making the cleats somewhat more walkable (less treacherous) and adding a degree protection to the cleat and cleat mechanism from wear and dirt/grit/pebbles… For me, aerodynamics don’t figure in.