New to all this please help :-)

Hi please to meet you all.

I have a Wahoo Kickr (older version) which I use just fine off of my phone, watts etc etc. It used to work ok on Zwift last year but I have now built a pain cave so I have a Chromebook connected via HDMI to my TV.

I use a Wahoo Tickr chest strap

I have powertap pedals etc - I know my connections are all fine as this works.

I don’t seem to be able to get readings except for the chest strap when selecting a ride which is strange (I am currently using the light version).

Any tips please?

Have you selected the Kickr or your pedals as your power/cadence source in Settings → Devices?

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Very good question I will have to check - am I right in thinking you can only “pair” it when in a session?

If you have paired it once before, I believe the software will try to find the devices it has paired with previously.

If you haven’t paired them before, it could be the software found the only HR monitor it could but found two competing power meters, so selected none.

I’m guessing a bit but it would be good to know what devices you have available.

Thank u - which menu do I go to? To review this?

Select the Gear icon in the top right hand corner of the screen. It only appears after you move the mouse around on the screen.

Then make sure you have the Devices tab selected, and click on Add Devices. You should then be able to see all the available devices and add the ones you want. If you have multiple power meters, you’ll need to pick the one you want to use for power in the app.

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I have to pair my Tacx neo and Polar H10 hrm every time I want to start a workout. It usually finds them but no actual data is displayed. often and particularly with the Neo I have to switch Bluetooth off and on a few times for all the features of the trainer to show up on the settings page.

I had that problem with SYSTM, my Tacx Neo, and my HRM (whether Wahoo or Garmin) connecting with Bluetooth. I solved the problem by using ANT+.

Never used ANT+ need a dongle? How do you use one?

For the computer you need a dongle.

Many (if not most trainers, watches, etc.) have native support.

Just want to point out that the kickr is more responsive over Bluetooth. Bear in mind I’ve not ridden indoors since March. So that may have changed in newer updates.

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I was having trouble with Bluetooth, and the minions suggested I use ANT+.

There is a known and continuining issue with Tacx trainers and BLTE connections to SYSTM.


Thanks, looks like I need an ANT+ dongle then.


Just a reminder that ANT+ is NOT supported on mobile platforms. Even though it is natively supported on S22 Androids and tgere are applications to bring in software support on other mobile platforms.


Thank you everyone for your reply’s I have worked it out, my Chromebooks Bluetooth is not up to the job I don’t think, it did eventually work but with not resistance 53 x 11 and it said 10mph!!! Heart rate disconnected a little while through then the power numbers were nonsense, used my phone on the Wahoo app and it all worked fine, until I replace the Chromebook with something else it looks like it is a no go for me :frowning:


I bought a s/h Lenovo ThinkPad with windows 11. These are bombproof laptops with BT. Works great but BT and TACX Neo on SYSTM don’t seem to like each other. Will be getting an ANT+ dongle soon