No watt/cadence/speed etc data

New Kickr Shift - wahoo app (and Zwift) each have picked up the bike - both separately and together - but neither will pick up and data…

WiFi is connected
Bluetooth is connected (bike came up in the app)…


Time to consult the very useful information on the Wahoo web site and, after reviewing, submit a service request.

Welcome @Veeray14 !

In the Settings → Devices section after you have loaded the workout, make sure that the power (and optionally cadence) icons are showing green for your KICKR SHIFT. It may be that your apps are not yet defaulting to getting those parameters from your new trainer.

There is some information here:

You want to make sure at least the power control and power reporting icons are green:

Also, in the Settings → Display section, make sure you have the data fields selected that you want to see in the workout player: