How to Start Activity App+Elemnt


I’m new to Systm and I have just started a plan. I think I’m doing something wrong.

The systm app on my phone is paired to my Wahoo kickr and my HR monitor and cadence sensor.

I also have an Elemnt Bolt, which is also paired to these devices.

Today when I started the workout, I started it via the phone app. I had my Elemnt Bolt on and it prompted me if I wanted to start the workout, which I accepted.

I guess I was not suppose to as the Kickr exhibited some strange behavior as the Bolt activity was lagging behind the activity on the phone. Additionally it uploaded two activities, one from the phone and one from the Systm app.

How am I suppose to use the Systm phone app and the element in tandem? can you? Are you suppose to just use one or the other?

Do I need to pair Systm app to the Elemnt? I can not work out how to do so as attempting to pair the device just opens the Elemnt app.

I’m really quite confused.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Welcome @MrBinaryCats!

You should be able to do the workout using the SYSTM app only. The SYSTM app will control the trainer resistance in ERG mode.

You do not need to use your ELEMNT BOLT at all during a SYSTM workout. Having said that, some people do as they want to either see data on their ELEMNT during the workout, or to record the workout in two places.

I haven’t done this, but I think you probably just want to start recording a ride on the ELEMNT. If there is an option in the ELEMNT configuration (via the companion app), make sure that controlling the trainer is disabled. It’s OK for the ELEMNT to get power from the trainer, but it should not be trying to control it.

This is normal if you record in both SYSTM and on the ELEMENT BOLT.

I don’t think this is an option. Your sensors and trainer will pair to both the SYSTM app and to the ELEMNT. There is no connection between the SYSTM app and the ELEMNT.

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I found this when I used my Bolt to compare the power from my pedals to the power from my trainer. You will get two results on the Systm calendar. Use one or the other for your data, you can’t realistically use both. You can delete the grey one from the calendar. The bolt data that is showing on the history section on the element app will probably just drop off on its own by next day anyway. Strava sometimes shows both but if it does, and it doesn’t always, I just delete that from my Strava activity. Also if you use that will record both lots of
Data and give you false fitness levels so you should delete the bolt one from there also

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thank you for the reply. Yes I do prefer the data shown on the head unit as its much more clear than on my small phones screen. I do however wish to keep the video feed on the app rather. I will see what happens tomorrow if i just do not start the activity on the Bolt (hopefully it will still show all the required data?)

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Yes, your Bolt should still show all the data, even if it’s not recording the ‘ride’.

After my rides yesterday and today, I can confirm the bolt does show some data. However the screens are very different to what you see when you start the activity on the Bolt.

When you start the activity on the head unit you get the Power target range, shown on the unit. However this is not the case if you just turn on the unit withought starting it on the unit (i.e. start it on the phone)

It would be very nice if the power/cadence/hr(?) targets could be shown on the bolt as if the the workout was started on the device