New to Wahoosystm

Hi everyone am new to indoor cycling on smart trainer and right now I got few problem

  1. Heart rate from chest band can found only 1 times if i decide to go out very far from my laptop the signal will lost and when i go back on trainer wahoo systm not detect my HR sensor so i need to turn off lap top and turn it on again is there any solution for this i connect HR band with lap top via bluetoot

2.i try to use DUO assioma to control my kickr core but it seem that trainer can recieved only 1 side pedal so on the systm can anyone who used DUO assioma could you please suggest me how to set up

please accept my apologize for bad english

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Hi and welcome to the forum!

I am going to be pretty useless:

I’ve had the same issue as your first point. I have not been able to solve that. I learnt to organise myself differently and only connect the heart rate monitor at the very last moment. With the chest straps, I simply removed the actual device from the strap and leave it with the bike. If someone has a real solution, I’m happy to hear that too.

Hi, and welcome. For your 2nd point only connect the app to your trainer, not to your power meter. The app doesnt cope too well with reading power from a power meter and then controlling the trainer. Hope this helps!

Hey @THewee2536, I too would experience my HR connection dropping if I go too far from my computer but I have found that when I come back though, it usually reconnects, even though it might take a minute.

If you are not reconnecting on your return, you might want to look at putting in a fresh battery. Also, if you’re using a Tickr (wahoo’s brand of HR monitors) they recommend you do NOT use the Duracell batteries that have the bitter coating on it.

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You’re not supposed to eat them Sir Glen!



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As a result of problems with a strap HRM, I now use the HRM in my watch. It may be a little less accurate, but it is definitely more reliable.

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I used to have problems with my Tickr, but then switched to a TickrX and rarely have problems. I think the multiple BT channels helps a lot. Allows me to easily dual-record with it, too.

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Yes, but it leaves a funny feeling in your mouth if you suck on them…(It’s really not recommended you do this either.)

Hard to tell sometimes whether people are joking or not (without a liberal use of winky emojis) so just gonna say that the bitter coating on the Duracell coin cell batteries is a deterrent for kids who think they might be candy. Or, more accurately, parents who leave them lying around where kids might find one and plop it in their mouths.

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That’s the idea… Swallowed coin cell batteries means a medical emergency. I’ve seen too many videos on what happens. First responder training. Do no make them vomit.

The Bluetooth disconnection of heart rate chest straps from Wahoo SYSTM is somewhat of an (unacknowledged) “known issue,” as I describe further here:

It’s possibly more common with some heart rate monitors than others, but I haven’t ever experienced it in SYSTM competitors like Zwift/Rouvy/etc. (or even Wahoo’s acquisition of RGT before they shut it down).

Hey @THewee2536 welcome to the forum!

I shall only comment on the Assioma DUO since I am a user of that too.

I think using the KICKR’s power meter to read the power and control the KICKR itself is a much better way than using the Assioma. After all, the KICKR’s power reading should be a much more accurate power representation than the pedal based power meters.

I set up my Assioma DUO as a ‘Unified L channel’ in the Assioma app and then only let the pedal power meters detected in SYSTM via the ANT+ protocol.

Currently I am using my Assioma DUO to read cadence and let the KICKR read my power all through ANT+.

Edit: This article would help.

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Just want to add my voice into this echo chamber, I’ve never had a dropped BT connection between my Tickr and my iPhone or iPad during a SYSTM workout.

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