New Wahoo Fitness App: No Max Heart Rate?

Wahoo completely changed the look of the app on my iPhone. I always used it especially to watch my heart rate AND max heart rate during a workout or a mountain bike ride.

Those old displays were great, and now they are gone! Also, for an old (72) guy like me, I need really big numbers for my old eyes. I don’t want to wear reading glasses during workouts!

I really need to get the old display back!!! Any suggestions?


I’m not sure I’m following. How did you watch your max heart rate? Did the app give you a warning or something?

Glen, thanks for replying. I wish I had taken a screen shot on my iPhone. I never thought Wahoo would completely remove it.

One of the several displays on the app showed heart rate, and also max heart rate, in large font. My goal for my workouts was to aim for a max in each of my aerobic runs. During my spin cycle 30-minute stretch, I’d do 30 seconds easy, 60 hard (standing), then repeat. Over the time, I’d watch the max slowly climb after each hard set, beginning about 120, inching up to 150.

Once I’d save the workout, it would show average HR, and max HR, along with the big orange graph with its peaks and valleys of the HR. The new app shows a graph, but it is just a jagged line of the HR, no coloring beneath the line. I can approximate the max from the graph, but that is not the same as displaying it in real time during the workout.


Yeh, I never did train/wo to HR other than just knowing that at a certain point, I wouldn’t be able to sustain an effort and would either have to dial it down, or blow up :joy:

I see there are HR zones you can set in the app, but when working out, there’s no screen that shows the zones afaik. I also like bigger screens with bigger numbers as I’d rather not wear reading glasses during workouts either.

Probably worth making a feature request but this forum is kinda limited to the SYSTM app as far as software goes. I might be able to put a bug in the ear of The Company but don’t expect anything of it.

How or where could I contact The Company? I can’t seem to find any type of contact for help or suggestions. That’s why I came here.

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The support site provides a ticket system. You can submit a request here. For this you would choose “Wahoo Products & Apps”, and then in Product/Question Type “Wahoo App”.

Aside from the Wahoo Fitness App, the support site is a great resource for lots’o’information.


Hey @stevec5088 thanks for posting!

The dev team just wanted to let you know that we’ve seen yours (and others’) feedback regarding this and are working hard to re-introduce a HR Zone training page to the new Wahoo App.

Please be on the lookout for this in an update coming soon!



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Hi @pbush, thanks for the reply. I just want to be perfectly clear: I want to see real-time MAX Heart Rate. I don’t care about how much time I am in the different “HR zones”. That might be a curiosity after the workout, but it is the Max HR I want to see.

I can’t imagine I am the only one wanting this. In fact, my MTB biking budies all got Wahoo TikrFits and we compare our Max HR regularly.


the Max HR value will be on the zone training screen as well, same as it was before.


Thanks so much. Looking forward to the update.

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I am royally annoyed that the iOS app just suddenly changed overnight. The levels I was used to and was able to compare my sessions and efforts with have been replaced. The whole app looks very beta now, like a prototype and I agree with the first poster, it’s more difficult to see the data fields. But the android app hasn’t changed at all which is great for my partner. He can just carry on as before but I now have to try to start from scratch. Not a happy wahoo-er.


Similar issue but that the new app has eliminated the “announcements”. I used to be able to set the app to notify me on the minute when running. “Work out time 1 minute”. Workout time 2 minutes, etc. This might sound trivial but I am 73 years old and I like to run 2 minutes on and 1 minute off. I filed a ticket with Wahoo and they said that they are aware of the problem. I guess all of the real developers are working for AI or Google. This is really pissing me off. I could be 5 minutes into a run in the time it took to write this.

@Velodaver Dave is that comment really necessary? You said yourself in the other post that it is freeware. Let’s all find ways to provide constructive feedback in the forum so that the product gets better and we as athletes all get better as well.


I agree w/Steve. Bring back the previous heart rate zone screen! I do interval training and that was a great feature with a real time large color coded screen that showed how much time was spent in each heart rate zone. The large fonts were easy to read at a glance. Plus there is no easy way to start, pause and stop a workout like before. And I have not been able to find any way to chart a workout like before. If Wahoo thinks this new look is good, then fine make it a stand alone option and bring back a legacy version for those of us the thought the previous look was great and so helpful!


I’m sorry I’m not really sure what this means given the start/pause/stop buttons are the largest on the workout screen. Could you elaborate please?

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I’m glad I am not the only one troubled by the new release. Thanks for the comments, @atalantalass and @Velodaver.

I put in a request for help as suggested by jcolp, and got back a reply from support:

While this feature is no longer available, we are, of course, open to suggestions/feedback for any new or missing features you would like to see in the future.
We are always happy to pass this along to our developers and express the demand for new/previous features!"

I cannot believe they just plain removed the primary feature I wanted when I purchased the Tikr Fit.

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I really agree with you. One of my most used features has now disappeared. I used to use the real time max heart rate for monitoring how taxing different power lifts are and have been for my body. I obviously cannot look at the app in the moment while I am dead lifting or front squatting and really need the app to monitor that for me - AND show it in big numbers. I will post a ticket too so that the Wahoo team knows the feature is deeply missed.


I’ve posted a ticket as suggested above. The thing I used before is still there albeit in a different format but the whole feel of the new app, for me, is just…beta. I can’t think of any other way to describe it. Like a no frills development version.

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Agree 100%. They completely whacked the UI, eliminated many features and made it actually more difficult to use, and frankly almost useless. Was there no design and usage feedback taken into account?