NEW WORKOUTS: Classic Climbs of France

Action in Les Alpes :fr:

Col de Braus, Col de la Couillole, and a legendary summit surprise — the newest addition to the Wahoo SYSTM catalog is here with an all-new Wahoo X On Location adventure to the heart of France. Set in the French high country, you’ll be able to try your legs at the most iconic climbs the Alps have to offer before the pros tackle them during Stage 20 :mountain:

Get the workouts within the Wahoo SYSTM app now:

Experience the first two workouts now and look forward to the third one coming this August :eyes:


This is crazy! You guys said it would be available July 11th and BOOM, here it is on July 11th.

:joy: :rofl: :laughing:


If you want to get all nit-picky, I think they missed the July 11th date if you live in Samoa, which I don’t. Ok, obligatory complaining done. Pedal on…


New Zealand?
Ducks as I have several people I know there.

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Just did Col de Braus, with the temp hitting 105 F today. For anyone that doesn’t know, climbs are the bane of my cycling existence. :face_vomiting:

I did complete it at 100%, just so that’s in the books and I never have to attempt it again. I still have Ventoux and the other new release today Col de la Couillole to get done. Then I wait until after our 50th anniversary getaway for the final release.

I’m sure there are some climbers who will enjoy this ride, but for everyone else, NO…just NO!


It’s great to have some new content. What about some new Sufferfest type content? Something featuring a criterium or circuit like in Quebec city or the Manayunk wall in Philly? On location are OK but I’ll bet there are more lovers of the video/music/commentary type of workout. I was very disappointment to see Local Hero and The Hunted removed from my list. How about a couple of replacements.


@Rupert.H @michael.cotty :heart_eyes: Had a day off yesterday and traveling tomorrow so was trying to fit in a sub-threshold workout today that was just over 1 hour. Col de la Couillole was the perfect solution.

As Mike notes during the warm-up - it is short so so next time I will make an adjustment. Same for the cool down.

However the workout, the scenery and Mike’s encouragement were perfect. This one would also be great with a playlist for those that want to climb to music. Really love this series and am excited to try the others and I can see repeating these when they fit into my training schedule.


I was just happy the cool down was over.