NICE Fat-Loss via the BASE Block

Background: I work in radio, but my hobby/passion is Triathlons. From late 2017 until Sept 2019, I was training well (I thought) and having decent AG success. My best 2019 FTP test result was 266. Mid-Summer 2019, I knocked out a 5:27 1500m run and my 500yd swim time 6:31, at the TN Senior Olympics. I was in decent (51 yrs) shape @195 lbs, but I could never get that last 20 pounds off, to be able to challenge the really good cyclists who weighed 160-170. After leaving AGNC in Cleveland in August, I started reading about 80Easy/20Hard training, and looking back I realized I likely did 60Hard/40Easy training. Before I could really do anything major to try out lower HR/intensity plans … my work changed … and multi-sport training was put aside to stay employed. Weight ticked up to 226 on New Years Day. I bought my KICKER Climb/Wahoo/Package at the Holidays and kept it at work assuming I would have time to use it, once the workload eased. Then, Covid hit.

Fast Forward to Sept 2020, after topping out at 250 lbs in May, and nearly a year off the bike, I started run/walk easy after Labor Day and soon I was down to 242 when I joined the SUF on 9/26. Had a very ok 4DP test on my Day 1: 661/286/230/174. Soon after, I discovered my chain hub was 11 instead of 10 (bike is a 10), and chain had it’s own issues (stretched over 10 years) which I promptly addressed.

I looked back at my weight on 9/30: 240.6 BF% 38.5
On 10/1, with the bike setup right, I tried to re-do my 4DP test, but bailed at 42 mins.
On 10/2, I began the BASE Block, and even did some extra 90/100/120 min rides in Z1 over the last 21 days:
On 10/20, my HR avg 106 for The Long Scream (I know the “coaches have lowered your percentages”) but I felt they were still too low so right after the TLS, I started the Half Monty.
FTP 202 (+28)
MAP 251 (+21)
LTHR 169 (+1)

I’m sure some of that is the chain and hub correction, but, I felt pretty good ab that jump being an expression of the fitness improvement even from mainly doing Low Intensity BASE Block training.

My Cycling Volume:
9/28-10/4 5:42
10/5-10/11 7:57
10/12-10/18 7:56
10/19-10/22 2:15* Not full week

So here’s the UP SIDE of the BASE Block and all the mental focus/yoga/etc.
I care about what I eat now, I’m mindful and conscious of sleep and rest days, and The SUF is solving the Q I wanted to answer last year… If I train slower, will I finally lose that last 20? Looks like YES>>>
My Weight:
9/30/2020 240.6lbs 38.5 BF% (92.63)
10/22/2020 226.6lbs 34.4 BF% (77.95)

Oddly enough my weight on New Year’s Day was almost identical to today:
01/01/2020 226.7 35.2

My RHR is also way down… Garmin has my 7 day Avg RHR @53 this week…
The week of 9/18-9/24 it was 61. The month of April it was a very unhealthy 69.
And I expect it to go lower. So yeah, I’m pretty excited about steadily losing more fat over the next 9 months, while also improving my fat oxidation efficiency in the process. I plan to do more 4 week Base Build Blocks always followed by a 4DP Test prep week (and test), and by June 2021 have a weight that starts with a 1 and a 7; and with a much improved aerobic base, then when we pile on the proper intensity to peak for that Mt. Suff race, in 2022, watch out.

My Question for fellow BASE Block fans (and coaches) will the BASE Block workouts always be at such a lower percentage of intensity? Or does the volume and time spent suffering adjust those algorithms, the next time around and give you more to do?

Cheers to more suffering!



Awesome success story. Cheers to many more :beers:

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Hey @itsbrianegan
Congratulations on your success! To answer your question…yes the base block workouts will always have the same reduced intensity. the only change will be when you test (Half Monty) and your MAP and FTP goes up. Percentages will stay the same. You could add yoga to introduce another training modality and eventually strength. Let us know how we can support your endeavors.


Cool, thanks!!