NM and AC numbers too low?

I’ve read the article on IF and TSS and understand why my actual figures are lower than the planned. Within the last few days, I have performed “The Shovel” and “SUF Idol”. In each case, the IF and TSS figures, as expected, have been lower than planned. Shovel - planned IF .89 vs .82 actual; SUF Idol - planned IF .92 vs .80 actual. Although anecdotal, the workouts felt easier than expected. also, heart rate seemed to be consistently in a lower zone. It seems like these figures should be closer to planned. Is this expected if NM and AC figures are low relative to FTP?

It could be that you didn’t quite nail those sections in FF so your targets may be a touch low. With those short efforts in the test, you can come out of them knackered but if you get your gearing slightly wrong you may have potentially under done it. And with the power being relatively high, even a short period off of optimum can mean the result is a good few watts off.

As for heart rate, with the lag v effort and those efforts being short it’s pretty normal not to reach the target zones. Although generally the latter intervals you may do due to fatigue setting in.

The kilo in the Omnium is a good litmus test of your AC. If you make it through and aren’t dying in the last 10s there’s a good chance your AC setting is too low :slight_smile:


Thanks for the advice. I am doing the All purpose road training plan and “The Omnium” isn’t scheduled until 10/26. Tomorrow, I am doing “The Trick”. As it is recommended to perform in level mode, I’m wondering if this session might also give me some insight. Another possible option, next week is a light week and maybe I could it a go on one of the off days. Thoughts?

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Wondering if you’ve done HM since your last FF? I’ve had some AC targets equal or lower than MAP targets after doing HM.

As part of Half Monty/Full Frontal double training plan, I performed both within the last 2 weeks. NM and AC dropped significantly from Half Monty. I suspect, at least in part, it was due to them being estimates from the Half Monty. I think there is a chance the lower figures are due to it being my first time to do Full Frontal. I was trying to figure the right gear and level.

Makes sense, time for a new FF!

Yes the trick can give you some insight. See what you end up hitting versus the targets and then consider some small tweaks.

NM and AC numbers were better than Full Frontal, but I’m still struggling to find the right balance of level and gear on the sessions done in level mode. Any recommendations?

Unfortunately a lot of it comes from playing. One thing to remember for the really short efforts (<10s) rapidly changing your cadence even with no gear or level change will result in high power due to the inertia of the flywheel.

But in general I’d say load up something like Open 30 and just have a play trying to do various sprints/steady efforts. Personally I do everything I can to use ERG as much as possible as I’m too lazy to keep fiddling with hears etc on the turbo :rofl:

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This is what I was afraid would be the case. I felt like I did better during “The Trick”, but still feel there is room for significant improvement.