Half-Monty: AC and NP?

Hi, I just did a mid-plan Half-Monty, which only updates the FTP and MAP.
What shall I do with AC and NP? I just leave it as they are or shall I updated them more less by the same % with which I increased FTP and MAP?
(my plan is an “endurance” plan, the 100mile gravel so probably not much AC and NP efforts anyway)

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Leave AC and NM alone. Theoretically, you could do the 2 sprints from FF and update your NM but to get an accurately updated AC you’d need to do all that other ugly stuff that comes before the AC test in FF, otherwise it will be artificially inflated (AC isn’t your best ever 1 minute, it’s your best ever 1 minute after being hammered for an hour first :stuck_out_tongue: )


You could do Nine Hammers, rest for 3 or 4 minutes, and then do your best minute to update your AC.

probably better to do Long Scream but if i’m gonna do that, imma do FF :nauseated_face: :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting:


Thanks everyone.
I’m following a plan so won’t be adding other workouts outside those already planned.
I guess I’ll leave it as they are. I only have one or two workouts in the next 6 weeks that have a few intervals in AC and no NP sprints at all.
I’ll do a proper FF a week after the gravel event/end of plan.

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I’ve seen it mentioned before that a good approximation for your AC is the Kilo effort in the Omnium workout. Stick it in in level mode and hammer yourself for a minute.

So, simple. You just have to do the Omnium…!

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Also, the NM test in FF is rested (ie no prior efforts) so you can get those readings by doing only the first few mins of FF and not the rest.

Nice job on the midway HM and great to hear you saw the FTP and MAP numbers moving up!

Don’t worry about the AC or NM, stick with what you have been working with. Typically if these efforts are going to be in a workout you will most likely be in level mode so if you are feeling good you can shoot a bit higher from the target but otherwise keep them as they are.

The other option which was suggested here is doing the Kilo in Omnium. But as you have said keep following the plan as it is and no need to add extra sessions in.


So simple…


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Like jumping off a bridge is “simple”

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