No resistance from trainer

I’ve just done my 1st ride on over the mountains & the results don’t seem right. I’ll also add that I’ve had no issues with Zwift so far.
Hopefully someone can steer me in the right direction.

  1. Cadence kept dropping every few seconds.
  2. Ride seemed too easy. Ie. I’m in the fastest gear peddling at 110rpm & my speed is only in the low 20km/hr & worse there is hardly any resistance.
  3. Power is also a measly 100 watts. I know I can do 150 - 200w without too much effort.

Thanks for your help.

Workout description says
”The workout accompanying this film is a recovery session, which is a very low-intensity ride. It’s so easy that your power remains at or below 50% of FTP or an RPE less than 2.5, and your heart rate stays in zone 1 the entire time. “

Your experience of the workout difficulty sounds about right.


Hi @AnzacPete,
welcome to the forum.

Can you please write an email to the minions (SUF support). They will help you figure this out.

This post will point the way:

Any info on your setup would be great, too. Which trainer, platform, et cetera.
Are you using erg-mode (are you familiar with the difference between erg and level mode?)?

Thank you.


Thanks, I missed the description & read just the title which implied a hard workout.
Looks like I stuffed the purpose of that ride up.

Thanks, have sent a letter to the minions.