Neal Henderson at the Velodrome issues

Not sure if this is just a werid issue at my end or a problem with the workout itself, but I rode this one today (ERG mode with Elite Tuo trainer), and some of the resistance changes seemed way out compared to what they should be. The warm ups to each of the four efforts seemed to ramp up much more than expected, to the point I’d have to shift a few gears to get close to the right cadence. Then in the last effort, it’s supposed to start off hardest and ease off slightly through the effort, yet I experienced the trainer resistance getting harder and harder, to the point that I was grinding to a halt before I had to shift to my easiest gearing, and even then I could only get about 65rpm at the target power compared to the 105 it should have been! :grimacing:

Not had the trainer that long (used a dumb kinetic road machine for years before), but the other workouts I’ve completed on it so far have seemed ok in terms of resistance changes.

Has anyone else seen any issues with this workout specifically, or is it more likely to be an issue with the trainer?

The Kilo was brutal. I stopped after 30 seconds, regained my composure and stood, mashed the pedals as best I could at 10rpm in the depths of the death spiral.

I could feel the resistance dropping, but the starting target seemed too high for my 4DP.

I also had problems connecting my HR Tickr with BTLE. When I switched to :ant:+ it connected immediately.

Lastly the video ended a bit abruptly, no Suf or Wahoo ending.


Kilo should be brutal :slight_smile: It should feel like you will fall off the bike a meter after finishing and maybe throw up. Although it isn’t a “sprint” you almost have to ride it like one but maybe backed off 1% so when I do Neal’s velodrome video I go by feel and ignore the target numbers. For more fun try 2k! :nauseated_face:

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The numbers ignore me in ERG!
Next time, it’ll be Level 3!

I’ve done a few kilos in my day! None of them were as hard as the one I did with sir Neal today!! That possibly explains my average results in kilos!! :roll_eyes:

There’s only one thing worse than a kilo; 2 kilos!! :flushed:

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@timbo Velodrome is on my list of workouts to repeat. Not because I enjoyed it - I just want to get it done right.