No spindown? Gearing choices?

So, I just picked up a Kickr Core from my LBS. I have synced it with both my desktop PC and my Android based phone. I am not seeing anything about doing a spindown test. Is my model just new enough that it doesn’t have that option?

Side question. I am just getting back into cycling after a 15 year hiatus due to work. Over the previous winter, I did a full rebuild on my road bike to full R7000 105. I currently have a 50-34 with an 11-30 cassette. I do also have a set of 52-36 rings and a 12-25 cassette. Which setup would you guys recommend?

To do the spindown you need the “Wahoo Fitness” app on your phone, not the SYSTM app. As far as I know you cannot do the spindown from within SYSTM.

Does that help?

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For some reason, it doesn’t want to sync in fitness. I was using that on the road prior to getting the trainer. Will try again after a shower. I work third shift in a foundry.

Nevermind, I got it to sync up and got the spindown taken care of. Still curious about gearing choices though.

I’d go with the wider range personally. I had a 52/36 and 11/28 but that makes repeats of hard climbs very unpleasant in other apps like RGT and Z and such.

I now have a 50/34 and an 11/32. I’d even rather have an 11/34 but would need to extend the rear derailleur and couldn’t be bothered.

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I basically agree with Sir @Glen.Coutts especially about using with other apps. But… is the 11-30 already in use on your back wheel? If so rather than taking it off I would leave it where it is and mount the 12-25 on the Core.

FWIW, my current road bike is running 50/34 and 11~30, for outdoor riding it is the perfect setup for me. My old road bike runs 53/39 and 12~23, on the road the gears were always really a bit too high, that bike is now mounted on my Kickr Core and the gearing works very well but bear in mind that I only use SYSTM and am in ERG mode most of the time so gearing is largely irrelevant.

Currently, my rear wheel has the 12-25 with the 11-30 on the kickr. For me, where I live, the 50-34 with the 12-25 on the road works fine. The hills here aren’t long enough to really worry that much. Right now, I am not planning on using any other apps for a bit. Just picked it up and want to stick with one for a bit before venturing out. Plus, I am a blue collar working class nobody that just came off a month long strike with John Deere and am trying to purchase a Firefly Road Plus. Though with their current 28 month lead time, I can get the frameset now and buy parts pieces while waiting for the frame.

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Sounds like you’re good to go! Hope you enjoy the Core and SYSTM.

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May I also just add: Welcome!

You’ll love it (and you can never leave).


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I’ve heard nobody is perfect. Count your lucky stars!