Spinning out

Hi People, I am new to the Kickr core and when I do the pre-programmed training for example the mixed session when l have to ramp it up to get to the required watts then when it drops to the recovery watts the trainer spins out. Should it not slow down quicker as l have to stop trying to pedal till it slows down. Have l not set it up correctly ?
Thanks for any help

No - this happens to me too. A couple of things you can do - one is to change gears to a higher gear as the effort drops out. Another is to stop pushing a second before the interval stops*. Or just accept the few seconds of spin and wait for it to catch up. I find a combination of those three is usually needed, and it’s usually only a couple of seconds.

*and then report to a flogging station immediately afterwards…

Thanks for your reply, As you have suggested l do change gears and try and stop pushing a little earlier before the step down and on occasions it seems to help but others not so much. I will persevere and see if l can fine tune it.

For ERG mode, its helpful to leave the bike in the small ring and middle cog in the cassette. The trainer can respond faster this way. It also keeps the flywheel speed relatively low which helps when making cadence changes up or down.

For almost all erg mode riding, you simply leave the bike in one gear. In workouts where there are a lot of big cadence changes, it can be helpful to shift. Typically, I limit this to shifting between rings. I’m normally in the small ring, and if there’s a big cadence reduction, I’ll shift to the big ring. Then when the cadence increase back, I’ll shift to the small ring.


I wouldn’t worry about it too much, it’s just the Kickr letting go of that resistance, but the fly wheel is still spinning fast so you need to wait for that to slow down. A slower flywheel speed may help. What gear are you doing the efforts in? Small front ring and mid way up the cassette is usually a good combination.

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That may be where l’m going wrong big ring at the front and in the lower at the back , thanks for your help

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Yeah, that will make a significant difference, the flywheel is struggling to slow down.
Before moving to a Kickr Bike, I used to do any sessions with long constant watts sections in big ring, middle cog so that it was easier to keep consistent power, but every intervals session I would do in small ring and either biggest cog or second depending on how clean the chain-line was to the biggest. This lets the flywheel spin as slowly as possible and makes it easier for the trainer to adjust resistance quickly.