NordicTrack compatability


I’m having to upgrade my 5yr old basic BH spin bike, due to a threaded square taper bottom bracket, probably totally my fault so don’t ask.

Bit I have spent hours searching for different solutions to get full reliable power data linked to the SF. Does anyone have any experience of the new NordicTrack S series bikes, S10i etc. They don’t show up on the compatability list but not sure how often that is updated ?

I had considered a wattbike, but can’t stick the 10 week leadtime. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Phil! I’ve been doing some research for you on the NordiTrack bikes and it appears that they are using a closed ecosystem and the bike probably won’t be able to broadcast any data to the SUF app.

You will need to look for a bike that is capable of broadcasting on open ANT+ and/or Bluetooth channels. The Wahoo Kickr Bike is a good example.

I would also recommend using this as a reference guide for any bikes you are considering, it will take you through selecting the bike and tell you how it will work with the SUF app: Trainer Compatibility and Connection Helper – Sufferfest Support

Of course, if you do have any questions or need any help you can always contact us here: Submit a request – Sufferfest Support


Thank you very much for your efforts and advice Rebecca. That is a shame.

I was aware of the blutooth\Ant+ requirement but that, obviously required, detail doesn’t seem to be advertised on most bike spec`s, making the process all the more difficult than it actually should be.

I would absolutely love the wahoo bike, but it’s a bit out of my price range, the Atom being the top.

I’ll keep looking and double check the compatability list. But will inevitably bite the bullet with the atom, if wattbikes lead time comes down. I managed to solve my short term problem with my existing set up by rethreading the existing BB spindle so the immediate pressure is off, and I’ll be suffering in the morning!

Many thanks

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You might be able to get a power meter pedal or crank arm onto the Nordictrack.

Also having used a Nordictrack myself I wouldn’t put too much stock in their power numbers even if you did find a way to broadcast them. It just take current resistance multipled by the cadence. You could pedal hard and take your feet off the pedals and still be showing 200+ watts 10 seconds later.