Wahoo PowerLink for MTB

I wonder if anyone has had experience with the wahoo power link pedals on a MTB? I won’t be riding jumps and tracks. More trails, canal paths here in the UK.

My only other option is the Garmin rally pedals but I had issues with the vector series and am not keen to go back.

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Not sure what your power requirements are exactly but a very reasonable option is a crank based power meter. For my purposes, the single sided cranks have been perfect. I have 4iiii precision and Stages and both have been great. And, we are talking $400.00 or less.

Edit: I realize you weren’t asking about cranks, so I was just sharing for info in case you wanted to consider options other than pedals :slight_smile:

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Thanks Glen.

I’ve picked up a Focus Raven 8.7 2022 model and sadly to get a crank based option would make the price equal to or greater than rally XC / wahoo pedals.

I’m however stoked to be getting the bike it will make a nice change than always being on the road.

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I’ve also found you on Strava I think, hope a follow request is ok for a fellow sufferfest fan.

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:+1:t2: I don’t spend a lot of time on Strava though I do post my rides on there when I remember to make them visible. Got your request and happy to share with anyone from the greatest mythical nation in the whole wide world!

I am soooooo looking forward to getting outdoors. It’s been a long and seemingly never ending winter here on the prairies.

Congrats on the new ride!

I’m using the Rallys on my gravel bike and they’ve been brilliant, not a single issue.

I have Speedplays on my road bikes and trainer and having used them for years (6 years) i would 100% NOT recommend them for any riding where you might put a foot down in dirt. If the cleats clog with dirt, you can clip in skmetimes and not be able to unclip which can be problematic.


nothing must dull the suffering?


I just purchased the xc100, I had a feeling the power links would not be ideal.

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Can confirm that lying on your side in a ditch with your bike on top of you is not condusive to non stop suffering :rofl:

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I have empirically arrived at the same conclusion multiple times, yet never seem to learn. The best was on a snowy ride where I had to walk about 100 ft in those cleats. The packed snow in the cleats became ice and I was outside a convenience store pouring hot coffee on the bottom of my shoes to clip in and get home. That garnered me more odd looks than normal for sure!

On the road however, they are my favorite pedal system by far.

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I’ll never use anything else ever.

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I feel the same

You could use 20 year old Speedplay pedals cut down to improve mud clearance

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