Not linking correctly: MTP - 1st month review and improve

So…MTP 1st Month Review and Improve was scheduled for today. Clicking on in from the home page or the calendar (W10), brought up the info - but no way to start the session. Going to Workouts / MTP…I could see the ‘First Month…’ w/o the ‘MTP’ in the title - that seemed ok since I was in the mental training program section. I was able to start and complete it from the ‘workouts / MTP’ page…but tha fact that it’s complete is not indicated on my calendar or homepage. Something is wacky here…

Hey @giorgitd, I’m sorry for the trouble. I think I may know what the issue is here. I’ll check it out and report back.

Hey Cody, I noticed it didn’t link too. I know it happens sometimes (Yoga in Couchlandria videos!) and usually just launch from the workouts list then mark as complete in the calendar. Double credit!

It’s not as quick of a fix as I had hoped but I’ll keep working on it!

Hey @giorgitd can you please tell me the exact training plan that you are on?

I have the same problem on the ToS prep advanced with fresh numbers.

@Cody.Moore I’m on the ToS Prep Plan, Intermediate, +Yoga (Beginner), +Mental Toughness, -Strength. It’s not a big deal, but if this reflects broader problems, better to get it sorted before troubles during the ToS, which will generate Sufferlandrian pitchforks…

We should have this fixed now. In order to see it you’d need to delete and reload your plan. That’s probably not necessary since you have already done the workout but, it will be fixed for you when you load up MTP with your next plan :wink:

Terrific, thanks! I just marked it as done to satisfy my need for completeness…