New to Sufferfest

Hi, after a year of trying different training on Zwift I’m hoping I can get something more structured using Sufferfest. Trouble I have is there is so much information & permutations I just don’t know where to start!!!
I’ve just started on the 2 week trial & would like a plan that incorporates my visits to the gym, a couple of social rides & the rest indoor rides. Am I asking too much? By the way I’ve tried the yoga & I can’t get on with that!

My main aim being general fitness not to be the next Tour De France champion!

What “can’t you get on with” regarding yoga?

I found it literally life-changing (positively).


Maybe I’ll give it another go once I get a structured plan together, never having done yoga & trying to do it properly whilst watching it on the pc is not ideal & most likely leading to me doing exercises incorrectly.

I thoroughly recommend simply watching and listening to some videos, especially the “beginner” videos (super simple stretch routine, etc.) to get a feel of what is happening.

Don’t underestimate the value in the breathing series of videos, either. Very good, useful and applicable to other areas of (my) life.

Personally, an outstanding addition to the Sufferfest.


Man, Abi literally haunts this forum and she will kill you.



@Peter_Prevett Welcome - there is definitely a learning curve on yoga. For me it works best when I just listen - rather than watch - and perform the moves. That ability will come as you become more familiar with the poses and also the videos in general. As @titanicus has noted - I have found the yoga to really be key to staying agile and also recovering faster. I try to get 15 minutes in 5 to 7 times a week which is fairly easy to do. I have also used some of the breathing during some of the more challenging rides. I would not have crushed The Hunted if it was not for incorporating the yoga breathing as things became intense at the end of the workout and I am trying to do the same for Nine Hammers which remains a nemesis for me.

As for a suggested plan, it will depend on your goals but based on what you have stated, check out the all purpose road plan as it might be a good fit and incorporates outdoor rides on the weekend. Note that all of the plans are tailored to your specific metrics and will incorporate rides that work on your areas of weakness.

The all purpose plan has the option of adding strength but you might find those videos to be more basic as they seem more geared towards just improving the areas of strength and balance that you lose when you ride a trainer. However, if you select adding strength the plan will be balanced out the rides for the additional training stress of strength so you don’t go overboard. Note that you have the option to just skip those videos and go to the gym if that suits you. If you don’t select strength you can just work on balancing on your own - eg. pairing a Z2 ride with strength day and also dialing down bike workouts if you need more time to recover from strength. I made the mistake a few times of doing heavy squats and then trying one of the more intense HIT videos - it never goes well.

Also check out the mental toughness videos - they might seem a bit corny at 1st but they have really helped me with the focusing - whether for individual rides or on the long term picture. There is a workbook that goes along with MTP that is great for setting short and long term goals.

Mental Toughness Workbook

Hope that helps!


Thanks I’ll persevere then :+1: