Yoga Training plans

Was not sure on which area to post this under so hope this is ok. Also apologies if this has been mentioned before but would it be possible to get a yoga plan in the app that has all the sessions in Rotation?

I, and some other like minded sufferlandrians have been trying to extend our yoga days in a row. And we have been using the existing yoga plans to help to do this. However the most recent additions are not incorporated in any of these. We have been circulating the existing plans, but even the all yoga badge doesn’t cover the recent ones. (Hint for those going after the badge). it would be nice to be able to add all sessions in the app for planning. Or being even cheekier some new yoga only plans that could be added to other cycling plans being carried out? :pray:



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I’d like to resurrect this thread: I too would really like to see the yoga programmes revised/extended to include a more varied mix of yoga videos. Any chance minions?


I agree, that would be good.

Yes! I’m willing to wait, but let’s update the yoga plans! (I’m aiming for 365 days of yoga this year and also hoping to get all those lovely badges)