Off Season Plan

Ok after a summer where I rode more than ever before in my life, I am entering the “off season” in quotes because with COVID there were no races but almost daily rides with really fit friends.

The weekend rides will continue but it is dark in the morning and while stretching the season as long as I can am thinking of how to plan the off season.

Ideally, like to back off on the miles a bit (over 1,000 every month since June) do a little more weights and cut a few pounds (gained about 10-15 over the summer but hopefully a fair amount of muscle as I have gotten faster).

Wondering if any current plans might be recommended.

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You could check out our All In plans where the focus is more on the strength and yoga components and really pull back on the rides.
A 4 week base training building block is also worth considering.
We also have a few things in the pipeline as we head into the Northern Hemisphere winter too.

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I like riding outdoors as much as possible, but have been building in some weights (need more yoga).

I was thinking of maybe the Base Block at some point soon. Maybe an initial focus on more mental/training videos like Elements of Style and The Bat. Kind of drill them into my head for a couple of weeks.