The Winter Plan

I’m fast approaching the end of my 12 week general road plan (advanced), next week is test week so I’ll be doing the Half Monty/Full Frontal next week. I’m then planning the off season and into next year. My rider type is Attacker with Sustained weakness. Next year I’m hoping to do some crits (1 hour) or shorter road races. I do feel I need to raise my FTP a bit more to let me take advantage of my AC/MAP later in the race.

In the week I can ride most evenings for 60-90 mins but am generally limited to 90-120 mins at the weekend.

I can up with the following idea:

4 week base block for October
12 week Time Trial Plan November - January. This would have to be the intermediate as I don’t have the time for 4 hour rides at the weekend. Would this be better than another Advanced General Road plan? I presumed this would target my FTP more.

I hoping this seems reasonable but I’m open to other ideas?


I’m going to be watching this topic - I’ve been wondering myself whether there’s a plan that the SUF offers that’s similar in concept to a “Sweetspot Base/Build” plan, where I could do a month of tempo/sweetspot workouts as a base then move into a higher volume of similar stuff for the off-season, before adding some intensity come Jan/Feb.

It’d be interesting to see the coaches’ thoughts on this - I know that it has been suggested that the “base/build/intensity” model is of dubious efficacy when you don’t have loads of time to spend on the base training, but it’d be nice to have a plan which offers a bit of a change of pace for the off-season - the SUF’s general template of recovery/three-day block/recovery/longer rides on weekend is a good one, but it’d be nice to change the focus slightly from a season periodisation point of view.


Just completed Half Monty - no change to MAP or FTP since I started my 12 week advanced plan. To be honest I felt stronger and fitter a few weeks ago before getting a cold which knocked me about, so I’m taking some positives out of that.

I’m going to start a 4 week base block next week. I think I need the mental and physical break from hard training, before starting the TT plan to work on my FTP. I’m not quite sure where to fit in further fitness tests though? My numbers have been very consistent over the past 6 months, so will a Half Monty before starting the TT plan be worthwhile, or should I do a Full Frontal, or not worry about it?

I am thinking similar, although still doing outdoors as much as possible. Want to take a week and focus on Elements of Style and The Bat then maybe a base block or FFF prep. But once I can no longer get out except on weekends.


That’s another reason I’m going with the TT plan, weekend rides can be inside or outside. I’ve seen the best gains over the past 18 months when I’ve upped the outdoor training sessions.

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