Offline Sufferfest rides

Hi folks. I’ve got a Bodymax B2 spin bike and trying to find some decent videos to help me train. The Bodymax bike doesn’t have bluetooth or anything like that, so I’m interested in the offline Sufferfest videos. Will the offline videos still be good without any connection to the bike? Any advice would be really appreciated! Thanks.

My immediate instinct without giving this any real thought is

ABSOLUTELY :slight_smile:

Assuming you can set up a tablet/pc screen you could watch the videos and use the suggested ‘effort levels’ (RPE) to mimic what you’re doing on the bike … that way you get some music to go along and would be fun.

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Thanks Martin :slight_smile: That’s exactly what I want - I’ve got a laptop I can use and happy with suggested effort level via the video. Do the offline videos suggest RPM/cadence?

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Hey Amy, welcome!
Yes you could still use the 1-10 RPE scale to traina nd if you have an RPE displayed womeshere that would help but is not essential.
Here is some more info:

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Thank you!