Beginner -- Using App without Devices

Hello – I am brand new to the app and spin bike exercise in general. I have a front flywheel spinbike that does capture time, distance, speed, power, cadence, and heart rate – but, it is all done via old-school wires to a small monochrome monitor native to the bike. I don’t see any way to make this a wireless device to send data to the Sufferfest application. I looked at many sensors, and it looks like I can attach a cadence sensor to the pedals, but I don’t see any way to attach a speed sensor to the fixed front flywheel – I even bought the Garmin speed sensor, but returned it. So, is there a worthwhile way to use the Sufferfest app without devices? If not, I think I would probably replace the bike for an integrated solution, rather than buy a bunch of separate devices for cadence, speed, power, and heart rate; and then waste my days dealing with connection problems. Any advice? Thank you.

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First of all welcome and we are always glad to have new Sufferlandrians. Question: Do you ride outside and if so you can buy a dumb trainer and go from there. The spin bile you have is not going to get you working with the app I am afraid. Contact for detailed help on getting you up and suffering.

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Until you get sorted with linked devices you can potentially use the RPE (rate of perceived effort/exertion) scale. It’s how it all worked in the pre-apps days when it was just videos

But you’ll definitely get a lot more out of it with an integrated set up.

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Welcome to Sufferlandria and may you suffer gloriously! I, too, have a very archaic set up with a 30+ year old steel Shogun (are they still in business?) hybrid bike on a CycleOps fluid trainer. I have a cyclometer that reads only from the rear wheel, so without a lot of changing, I use RPE and match the cadence targets on the videos. You can suffer with just RPE. If you have a heart rate monitor, most excellent! I do not have such fancy stuff. I’ve been a member for one year and have not looked back. Great place to suffer. The minions at the website are super helpful!! Carry on and suffer long!!

You can use the Rate of Perceived Exertion to train with the videos! I ‘enjoyed’ The Hunted and Hell Hath No Fury long before power meters or connected trainers were realistic propositions for ordinary Sufferlandrians. It can take a while to establish what 7/10 or 9/10 really feel like on your setup, but it’s worth the effort. Match the data from your spin bike to the RPE for each segment in the video and you’ll quickly work out what, say, 7/10 equates to in terms of watts or speed. What you won’t be able to do, however, is to capture any of that data in the app.