I am my own worst enemy

Chronology of last night:
Off the bike for >1 mo due to back wheel badly out of round/life/injury.

Finally back in the saddle! Dialed HHNF back to 75%, but ERG mode not working so put it in level mode 1 (of 10). Gassed out during warmup.

Dialed back to 50%. Nearly died during first segment. Shocked at how out of shape I am.

Noise cancelling headphone comes out of ear at end of ordeal, and I’m greeted with a horrible scraping noise. Assume trainer is dying, hence no ERG mode.

Trainer is fine? Put hand on back wheel, and not only won’t it move, but it is nearly hot to touch.

Double-check your brakes after maintenance, kids. Don’t be like me.


Ugh. I always spin my wheels while holding my bike in the air (or on a stand) before I ride to confirm my brakes aren’t rubbing. Sorry this happened.


I generally do as well. I checked after putting the wheel back on, but I think the brakes just shifted a bit once I actually put load on the bike. Lung/leg-burning lessons are the best lessons!

“Sorry this happened.”
Oh no worries, I just thought people would get a chuckle out of my inattention :slight_smile:


It did make me chuckle.

I had a similar experience once when I took my old, knackered 20 year old bike out to ride with my then 5 year old son. He beasted me and I was really quite concerned what kind of Sufferlandrian I have raised. It was a combination of relief and embarassment when I discovered that the brake had been stuck on throughout. :man_facepalming:


Don’t be @WeeLilBrentley. Got it. :joy:

We’ve all been there.


I also check to make sure that the brakes are working.


I pinched my tube putting a new tire on my bike the evening before my knighthood. Created a slow leak. Then didn’t check my tire pressure before starting.

By the 6th video I could barely turn the pedals in 34/28! I finally figured it out when the valve stem started thumping on each rotation. That 6th video was awful.

I did my knighthood at my LBS, they put a new tube in while I took my break. Last 4 videos were easy by comparison.


That’s just ghastly. Well suffered :slight_smile:


We’ve all been there. Do this on a group ride where you are having issues keeping up with the group. At a stop, someone other than me spun the wheels. Brake rubbing on the back. Quick tweak and all was well.