One week in

The MAP block I’ve signed up for has dished out 14 Vise Grips, A Very Dark Place and The Shovel in week 1. I’m weirdly enjoying it so far. Tomorrow it’s Nine Hammers. I won’t be back from work until 8pm at the earliest - surely tired and under-hydrated and it’s going to be well below freezing in the garage.

What’s the best plan in these situations? Skip a hard workout day and just move onto the next? Or cram NH in on Weds somehow and skip a recovery day?

I work 10 hour days and have a wife who already thinks I’m mad. Sticking to these schedules is hard!


Maybe depends on what is scheduled for Thursday. If it’s another MAP focussed session, I would probably move everything on a day and drop one of the weekend rides.

It’s a hard block, extra recovery would be more beneficial than trying to cram in a hard session.


There are a couple of good blog posts about this:

They may help you with working out what to do.


Thanks, this is very helpful.


Thanks all. I’ll take stock tomorrow. I’m sure there’s an adjustment I can make.




MAP blocks SUUUUUCK so much!

(Laughing with you, @gafferbee…laughing with you!)



Sorry I do not have an answer for you, but FWIW I am currently doing the same MAP block as you — with Nine Hammers on the docket for me tomorrow morning (about 9 hours away).

So all I can offer is someone to commiserate with.

Hang in there, but definitely maintain your recovery.


Good luck @DavidN! :crossed_fingers:t3:

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Thank you @gafferbee !

It was a strong session — Hammers 8 & especially 9 were tough. Also, IMHO, if you haven’t ridden it yet, I would suggest a couple of minutes “pre-warmup”, as the warmup before the official Nine Hammers is almost a hammer in and of itself!


Well done @DavidN! I was hoping to get there today but there’s just been too much work and then solo parenting at the end of the day. I think I have to skip this workout and will just resume the schedule when life allows!


I find I’m doing this for a lot of the workouts now. I’ll do one of the warmup workouts (10 or 20 minutes usually) before starting the main workout.


I find I often need more warmup than many workouts have. One thing I’ll do is pause the workout at the end of the warmup, move the slider back to the start of the workout, and do the warmup again…and sometimes a third time.


Yep, I’ll do that too! If I get to the end of the main workout warmup and don’t feel ready, then pause and rewind it is.


@DavidN Three days late, because it’s been that kind of week, but I got there. You’re right about 8 and 9! Tough. But I just about made it. Good tip on the warmup. I did the 10 min no-vid.

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Excellent to hear (read) @gafferbee — great job in making it through all nine hammers!

Attacker should be up next (as far as the interval workouts of the MAP block are concerned) … I found this one easier — although not easy! — as I probably could have completed it at 105% (I upped it to 102).

I’ve got Blender on tap for Sunday (I bumped it a day from Saturday)