Legs are still quite sore - should I delay my planned workout?

I did “Power Station” 2 days ago (followed by a few sets of weighted squats). Other than the squats, I am following the FTP building block plan. Yesterday was a rest day; today I am supposed to do “The Rookie”. WHenever I stand and start walking, my legs are still quite sore; after 15-30 seconds most of the pain recedes. Should I continue or delay? If I delay, do I just shift the remainder of the plan by 1 day? How to do it?


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I think your body is telling you to rest, and you might need more than one day.

If you do not have a fixed event, I would delay your plan by the appropriate number of days.

If you cannot delay your plan, the couches have said many times that it is OK to skip a workout. I also believe they have said that the plans are written assuming 80% compliance.

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Tough one.
So much depends on how conditioned your body is to the efforts on Monday. Do you do that combination regularly and always feel the same?

If this has been a new training intervention for you this week then as Heretic says … rest day time.
And rather than start pushing plans back I’d do the skip option. Forget that workout then continue as before.

Ps small thing… generally SUF suggest strength work before riding power station … ensures form is protected during the STR work

Enjoy whatever you do …

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Since @jackriddle2 is doing a building block plan, it probably does not matter which workout is skipped.

On most other plans, if I were to skip a workout rather than delay a plan, given a choice between the workout for the skipped day, or the next workout, I would choose the workout that is more important for your goal.

I bet they did!! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Sorry, couldn’t resist… I will find my way out.


@jackriddle2 At least get a spin in to flush out the legs. Before SUF I was doing cross-fit and there were plenty of sore days but generally once I was properly warm up with a moderate run, row or spin and then did some stretches like inch worm to frog step, leg-overs, scorpion, glute bridge, downward to upward dog, etc.things would improved. If that works then maybe try the Rookie at 80% and see how it goes.

Hey Jack,
No harm in taking a day off it sounds like your body is telling you it needs it. Don’t worry about the days you miss, when you are ready come back with the workout prescribed on that day :+1:

Here is another useful tool to decide whether or not you should train:

Thanks Coach (and all)

Sounds like today will be upper body day!

@Martin , Adding the weighted squats is new. I have done these in the past but it has been quite a few months. 2 days ago I brought them back. It was in my head before; also the Breakfast w Boz episode on Aging in Sport confirmed that weight training is even more important for us old guys.

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Yeah that’s gonna hit those legs then. I bet a few weeks of that and the extra rest won’t be needed.

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