Color Me Intensely Confused

61 and had a long hiatus but been back on the trainer for a few months. FF says (not surprisingly) that I need to work on MAP/FTP. I though a short block would be good while we wait for the treadmill company to give us another pie-in-the-sky delivery date. Anyhoo, this sounds contradictory. What am I missing? I do understand that workout plans will reduce intensity vs load at 100% if the workout is launched from the calendar. “Relatively intense” implies to me 100% adjusted for my 4DP.

Thanks for the hep.

  • To complete a 3 week block of MAP focused efforts
  • BEST FOR - Riders who are looking to do relatively intense sessions and have 3-6 hrs/wk available to train*
  • SPECIAL NOTES - Most of these sessions are normal Sufferfest Workouts that will automatically load at a "Reduced Intensity"

Hey @FauxFlat,
There are no longer any reduced intensity workouts in the training plans. Some workouts will be easier, some harder. We can’t smash you every workout. Just launch each workout from your calendar. Have fun with the plan.

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That’s what I thought. Sounds like the description updates are just lagging behind. Thanks.