Only Way To get HR to Register

Well after many attempts to get my HR wrist monitor (Garmin Vivoactive 3) to register on Sufferfest, I finally got it t work. My other big issue was getting my smart trainer (TACX Flux S) to show (cadence, speed, watts) alone. Well, I never could do this so I used a ANT to hook into my Windows laptop and along with using my Favero Assioma power meter pedals I was able to get all aspects working.

Not sure why the TACX alone when you toggle cadence and watts to work correctly but was finally able to mesh all when toggling cadence and watts for Assioma’s.

Weird how things are different from rider to rider. I wish these systems would just read and use automatically what works rather than having to connect everything then spend about 10 minutes finding what works either through Bluetooth or ANT+ or a mixture of.

Hi @Germanrazor,

I am sorry that you’ve had such a difficult time getting things connected. If you run into trouble again, I’d encourage you to reach out to the minions. They are excellent with these sorts of issues.

Thanks Cody. Will do. It worked in the end. Just a multi-hookup process for me. I am sure if I had the Kickr over a TACX it would be more seamless but the TACX is a pretty good trainer.

I have a similar issue.

Got my watch to show HR and my Tacx Vortex working but when I finished my session it uploaded to Strava and doubled my distance for some reason.

Any idea on what the problem was

Not had that issue yet.