Option to upload only certain activity types?

It would be nice if we could specify separately for each type of workout (cycling, yoga, etc) whether and where we want it uploaded.

I recently started doing one or two of the yoga sessions per day. I use Garmin Connect as a convenient way to track all my cycling-like activities (real-world, SYSTM and Fulgaz), but Garmin doesn’t really need to receive a .fit file with no real-world content every time I do a yoga session. And they bounce non-garmin activities after 5 per day.

It would be great if users could specify which type of data to upload to which authorized apps.

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You can absolutely do this. At the end of a session, a window should pop up asking if you want to save and to which 3rd party you want to upload to:

Just click on the ones you don’t want and they’ll turn white (in the above case) and the data won’t be shared there.


Thank you. That’s exactly what I need, I did not realize it was so convenient.

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