Oscars Avoidance/Sufferlandrian Endurance Zwift meetup

Calling all Sufferlandrians. I just scheduled a meetup on Zwift starting at 6:00 pm CDT tonight Sunday 10 March 2024 as a way to avoid enduring the Oscars, that is simply the wrong kind of suffering for me.

Pace will be endurance (whatever that means to you) and the ride will be banded. Total time allotted is 180 mins though I’m not sure I’ll stay the whole time. Because it’s banded, your power output shouldn’t really matter unless you spin out or stop pedalling at which point you’ll get spit out the back.

Because it’s a meetup, I can only invite people I follow. So, if you wanna join and haven’t been invited, lemmeno your Zwift handle, and I’ll follow you and send you an invite. Apologies if I do follow you and haven’t sent an invite. Just let me know.

Start time is 6:00 pm CDT.


Wish I had more notice @Glen.Coutts I was looking for a ride to do in IWBMATTKYT.


Thank you for the invite Sir Glen. However that is way past my bedtime!

Even Sufferlandrians need to rest. I know, weird eh! :stuck_out_tongue:

If we could get something sorted for morning rides in this side of the hemisphere I’d be happy to sweep/ help out etc.



Central EU is sleeping or going to sleep then. Tad earlier or tad later might work, for potential future meetups. Rock on :metal:


A very understandable motivation. Unfortunately I’ve just finished my Sunday diner. It was huge and the ride will take place when I will have dreams of steep mountain rides.


A Sufferest :wink:

100%. Just a one off tho. This is literally just me avoiding the Acadumby Aworts tonite.