Sufferfest team on Zwift?


Going over the Zwift teams on Zwiftpower I came across a Sufferfest team.
Are people from this team active here?
Are there regular group rides and races? Did you challenge the trainerroad team already? :wink:
Whats the process to join?



Can’t remember the joining process. It’s been, for me, just a group/team rather than my road club.
Something different during the lockdown last year as a challenge, personal, to move up to B cat (ZwiftPower), now a C as I haven’t been into the races as much. @Renzo

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Hello, fellow Sufferlandrians. Have you Suffered today?

Thanks for tagging me, @Sir_SimonF.

@TheBlackKite, it’s been a while since I was last active on Zwift and Zwiftpower. However, taking a look at our The Sufferfest team as well as other team’s pages, there should be a green button on the top right, below your profile image, that should say “Join The Sufferfest”.

In this image, it’s missing because I’m already in it, I guess.

The following image is an example showing the “Join…” button as it appears on a team which I’m not a member of. For illustrative purposes only. This team is not The Sufferfest’s team.

Taking a look at the Results page, there’s a couple of riders who have been active recently, but I believe there’s currently no one organizing group rides or races. My experience with this team has been very friendly and open, with some people occasionally commenting on races or series they were participating in and inviting others to join, with no one being required to do so. This was usually done through posts on the FB page, though it could be convenient to open a thread on it in this forum.

No challenges have been issued to other teams as far as I know. :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope you have fun! Remember to keep it friendly and classy, especially if you’re representing our nation.

Let me know if you need anything done by me, but I believe there’s no authorization required to join the team.

Good luck!


Thank you for the detailed explanation :slight_smile:
I could join without any issue, I thought I might need to do first a race against the Laser Goat or something :wink:
Maybe lets use this thread to see if there is any interest of joining races or group rides together.


How do I join this team?

You need to register on
Once registered you can search in the Teams section for the SUF team.
The rest just follow the instructions that Renzo posted.

See you there



I’m already in Zwiftpower. I didn’t know there was a SUF team and I wasn’t on a team, so this is great.

I’ve now joined. I did an ITT series, and the TdZ. I have very limited time availability, but I’m open to joining some races.