🚀 🚀 🚀 Our Present to You: Two New ProRides! 🚀 🚀 🚀

The holidays just aren’t the same unless you get to unwrap a little bit of 4DP-spiked fun, right? So we’ve just quietly released a couple of new ProRides for you to try while you’ve got a bit of spare time on your hands (and in your legs). Giro d’Italia 1 is a tough, short time trial from race revelation Attila Valter while Tour de Suisse 1 is a sub-threshold grind over the mountains as you (Jasha Sütterlin) try not to fall too far behind.


Super….végre láthatom közelebről is😂

Going to need to save these Pro Rides for later in my training cycle when I’ve built up some resilience after prostate cancer surgery :-0


Giro 1 was surprisingly painful. Nice atmosphere and very entertaining. Bit too long warm up, but rest excellent.


Rode the Tour de Suisse 1 last night and loved it. Was looking forward to a bit of recovery on the descent, half way down I was longing for the final climb to start! More please :grin:


Rode Giro 1 today two days after new numbers from HM.

It’s a brilliant session - great video and audio and good support from the DS. It’s a really hard workout though! Just about managed it in ERG mode - at one point near the end I hit pause for 10 seconds - really don’t think I could have given it much more.

Really enjoying the proride series and find them very immersive. The consistency of the opening/closing music and commentary from Jose is great and helps me get my head into gear for the “race”.

The “LET HIM GO” graphic roughly 2 minutes from the end made me smile :grinning:

A big Thank You to everyone who is involved in the production of the series


Thank you for your feedback - really pleased that our efforts are paying off and you’re enjoying the series!

Go Go Go Alex. Beat that schmuck and get back stronger!
I want to see an Ex-Pro Ride ProRides!


Thanks for feedback! Warm up is long on orders from the coach (seen as how brutal the short bit that comes after it is and better to be warm than cold going into it!)


Rest week this week then on the Mountainous GF train plan. I’ll sub in a new proRide at some point!

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I did Giro 1 this afternoon in my lunch break. Blimey what a ride. The warm up felt hard already - that was a bit of a wake up call to focus and really give it everything.

In all honesty, I did not expect to enjoy it this much. I still missed the music (it really helps in Team Scream), but will definitely try some of the others.

Kudos to Jose Been by the way - she has a very specific reporting style that is different from the norm. I really like it. She reports on some of the smaller races in the season and I’m always impressed by how knowledgeable she is on the background of riders, races and locations.


Rode giro 1 today for the first time. Truly awesome ride. So immersive and good and hard - perfect weekday ride during the working day. Loved it.

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