All feedback welcome!

Let us know what you made of your ProRide experience.
The Good, the Bad, the Ugly.
We’ll take it all.
We’re thriving to develop the concept so we promise to listen and respond (but can’t promise to act on it all! :slight_smile: )

NB: we understand and acknowledge that these rides are designed to work on the most recent and smarter trainers. Although it could be seen as a way to force people to upgrade their equipment, our primary intention was and is to showcase what exciting new content we can develop with the technology available today.


I like the ProRides a lot. I’ve done Norway (in the Tour, beginning of this year), UAE Tour (last week) and will be doing Strade tomorrow.

That said, while they are a lot of fun (and I will be doing the longer rides this winter on ice-days in the weekend) they are not really suited to fit in a training plan to get fast and fit come march/april. Power targets are all over te place and not enough time in 1 zone.

In short: keep 'em coming but don’t forget the other videos

Oh, and maybe add some music too (optional if possible)


My biggest problems are:

  1. There aren’t enough of them
  2. I want more of them
  3. Ouch they really hurt, even on 85% intensity!
  4. Did I say we need more of them?

@Francois-Wahoo I completed Strade Bianchi - loved it. It was very engaging. I have been tapering for a race and then a Full Frontal but I plan to do more of these rides in the coming weeks.


I guess the problem here is to get enough time in Zone 1 the ride might have to be upwards of 2 hours or more and most of it might have to be over those miles where nothing happens and would that appeal to many people if it was 1 hour and you were just riding in the peloton in either Zone 1 or 2. Of course there’s no reason why there couldn’t be some in there but say have it on a ride with some climbs.

Are there plans to include these rides as part of the training plans? As far as I can see, they aren’t included?

Please try to add a MTB version.

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Although I couldn’t possibly confirm if they appear in ALL training plans, ProRides appear in some training plans.
More vids are in the pipeline and we’re also working on the other videos.
As for music, the direction here is to get the feel of the road.
We’ll soon start work on a new video player and hoping to be able to integrate third party music player for those who prefer to have music on for those.


We have a few more coming and then we’re planning our 2022 production.


Off-road racing offers some challenges (terrain, mud, dust, erratic power) but we’re not ruling it out. Priority focus for now is to work on building up our pipeline with road races.

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Totally, brother. But could you imagine the video that came from something like this?…

Make Kitchen Sink look like Open 30

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I threw up just looking at that.

I did the Strade Bianche ProRide today. That was hard as hell.

I managed to hold on for dear life until we got caught by the peloton. Then I had go to 80%, just to recover a bit, after 2 minutes I put it to 95% and suffered to the end. Completely empty after that.

I found it quite engaging but some things can be better:

  • More then 100minutes is too long :grin:
  • Music would be nice
  • Make the shouting of Tosh towards the other riders a bit clearer, I couldn’t understand everything he was shouting (the things I could hear were entertaining)
  • Following the rider who’s in for the win would be nicer then following the breakaway (but they probably won’t have cameras on their bikes)

I really enjoyed the training. Just 1 hiccup on the streaming front, after 1 hour the video got some buffering problems, after 5-10 seconds it was fine again until the end. Would be nice if this gets fixed too.


Hey just think, if you up the power next time you may not get caught…


I did the Norway 2 ride. Loved it. It was very engaging. I didn’t really need any music. I loved the noise and the in ear commentary as well as all the setup and summary narration. Very nice, brutal stuff. Only thing it was missing was cadence recommendations :slight_smile:

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Some of us that have 1.5-3 hour races need 100+ minute training rides. Just sayin.


Congrats on completing the Strade Bianche ride.
Thanks for the feedback! Some answers:



I don’t like to fast forward, the FoMo get’s the better of me :grin:

External music player would be good (as long it doesn’t come with extra costs, I have enough subscriptions as it is)

Thanks for the transcript :+1: (maybe subtitles could improve the experience if the GoPro audio isn’t 100% clear, because these things really add to the immersiveness of the video)

The inside of the peloton is nice too :+1:
About the winning side, that’s why I like the Hammer series videos, all the action from the head of the race.

Today and yesterday no hiccups in the streaming, so that’s very nice.

Also I noticed better intro’s on these 2 workouts (Recharger yesterday en Tapers today). Not the interchangeable Wahoo boy/gril but some race footage with Sufferfest branding. I like this a lot more.

Tapers was very nice to do, the soundtrack was good (the song on the OFF-part in the last interval was funny), the story was engaging, more of this please :grin:

Not sure this has been suggested but would love to see something where you or one of your better teammates has a mechanical/flat tyre and they lose maybe 5/10 minutes and you and other members of your team have to really work to get them back into the peloton or to the front not sure if there’d be any footage covering that particular scenario though but I’m sure it would be good fun to try


I like this idea. It would be a hard as hell workout, but also give a bit of insight in to how teams handle that (though I think it’s “pedal like ****”)

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