ProRides: Giro d'Italia 1

Did the ProRides: Giro d’Italia 1 tonight. What a great ride and (unsurprisingly) felt really like a proper TT. Last couple of minutes were really tough. As always it’s humbling to see the pros doing 100w more than you!

Loved the DS commentary but I’m wondering if these could be expanded a bit more to provide other tips on TTs (and same for other disciplines) by advising on when to push on and when to hold back. A bit like a live version of Sir Neals “Pacing for Performance

Also managed to hit a max HR that usually save for FF and HM :joy:


I am about to do this one tomorrow… looks very daunting … I mean that block you are riding at FTP essentially.


If you have your metrics set correctly then you should be able to do it. I tend to struggle on the trainer with long FTP type sessions but can do a TT for that period of time outside at about 10 watts above my FTP. I have this one coming up before the end of the month.


@sandman Yes but there are tiny breaks as you hit the turns that allow for some brief recovery.


This is a great video when you are short on time. Sir @Francois-Wahoo Will talk you through it. I really “enjoy” the pro rides.


Agree this is an excellent short-on-time workout. It is a solid 20 minutes of work in that block sandman highlighted, but I found it pretty manageable; not easy, but certainly do-able. Short workouts, at least to me, are always within reason just because I know I can tolerate “a little more pain for a little more time.”
By contrast, I found ProRides:Giro d’Italia Donne1 a really tough workout. It was also do-able but I had to dig deeper simply because it was a fairly long span of time (2hrs+) and a LOT of very intense but short efforts, one after another. I tend to hit those harder than asked for, challenging myself to maximize the gains. Though that can spell disaster if I overdo it! :frowning:
That’s sort of in my strength area, though, more so than sustained full FTP efforts where I find myself needing frequent motivational boosts to stay in the pain zone. Otherwise, I drift down into a comfortable sub-FTP range and don’t want to come out of it. :roll_eyes:


Yep… brief is an accurate description!!! but strange how mentally it seems just enough to get you through the next effort??


I’m not gonna lie, I’ve dialed back exactly two workouts (that I have come across so far) from 100% ever. This was one of them. I did the first third of the long effort at 100% and then went to 90%. Just wasn’t feeling it.


@jesawdy Nothing wrong with that as it is an unforgiving workout where you can’t come in with fatigue, doubts, extra stress, etc. I managed through it but had a similar experience with Hammer Chase so know the feeling well.


So did it yesterday… not gonna lie, suffered dearly.

Specially since I just got tested, so did it using my latest FTP numbers, so no slack there. Noticed that I would recover better by pedaling a not resistance in the curves than actually coasting.

Anyway, mission complete. Crecendo is next (looking to complete the May challenge).


This is about the closest you can get to real time trial without racing in the real world. I like the format and the DS interaction is quite realistic. Look forward to riding it when the temperatures here get closer to 40 to 50


Wait, 40 - 50 C?

Desert Southwest of the United States. Yes, it gets up to 50 degrees in some areas.

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I just did Giro d’Italia 1 and was pedaling along, buried in thought at the end. Then I looked right against the white wall and asked myself why?
It brought quite the smile to my face as I realized “I” just crossed the rails going for a right turn and was checking beforehand for cars over my shoulder. How awesome is that? :slight_smile:

I liked the workout. Only the “Drink” right in the finish is coming too soon for me at 18 Seconds after the race. I’m still trying to catch my breath and would drink a little bit later.
But I do get it kinda fits the video.


What is the distance in the Donne 1?

FWIW though, this is totally normal for ftp efforts and means you’re probably doing it right. They shoukd start out feeling like maybe a 6.5ish, but then a few minutes in start requiring concentration to maintain the power, then by the end of the W/O (or the interval if it’s particularly long) feel more like a 9 (or 9.5/10 if it’s long enough)