Outdoor 4DP Test?

Not sure if this was previously covered, but has anybody tried to do FF outdoors?

I’m thinking about doing an FTP test outdoors, but would like to stick with the 4DP numbers. I think I have the right route for it.

Never tried and no route possible where I live. In theory possible to do it once you have the right route for sustained efforts, max efforts, recovery and safety. But as you cannot control the variables outside it could be very easy to ruin the test … Need to brake/stop/avoid obstavle on the 5/20 min effort etc. Personally I would stick to a FF Test indoors and other individual tests outdoors where possible (5 Sec - 5 - 20).

Remember as well numbers outdoors do not always correspond to what you can do indoors so you will need to factor this in.



Kind of sir, but without actually running the video.
What I found was it was never quite good enough as even rollers on the route I picked created too much natural variation in the efforts. But did it anyway :slight_smile:

I started thinking about an outdoor test because I know that my outdoor numbers are different than my indoor numbers. But how do I determine my outdoor numbers.

Anyways, I live by the cost, so we have some pretty flat roads (which feel very steep when it’s windy). I can use those for my 5 min and 20 min effort, I can do the sprints on a beach parking lot and the one min I just need to find one of our short, but steep little hill climbs. The challenge will be to fit hitting all the different stretches within an hour or so.

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As Joe mentions, you cannot control the variables, you need to compare like with like to be really valid so I would stick indoors, it is safer also

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Pretty sure Sir Neal does outdoor FF’s as well as indoor. I reckon you should just do it and then regale us with your tale of Suffering Sir @Erik-KOS :grinning:


Hey Erik,

@Joe covered alot of great points here. Doing the test indoors allows for consistent parameters (recoveries times, safety aspects, weather conditions, etc)

However, if you feel you have a safe route and want to give it a go that is great but bear in mind these results may differ from your indoor session.

@Coach.Mac.C has gone into more detail about this before, here is his write up


So I did it. I think It went pretty well.

I think I could do better with practice) just like the indoor FF). It’s hard to keep pushing over the top of the little bumps in the road to keep the averages up. And as always the sprints take a lot of practice. I suspect my “real” outdoor numbers are a bit higher.

Here are the comparisons:
outdoor /indoor
NM: 1032/1154
AC: 499/479
MAP: 348 (351NP)/348
FTP: 277 (281NP)/283

Remarkably consistent for the last two.


Awesome! Now we can make you do GSL outside too. What was that combo you wanted… Blender, HHNF & Team Scream? :wink:


I prefer to my GSL ridesin a pain cave. If I am competing against fluffy, I need to control all the variables…


I was thinking more “and” than “or”. Purely in the interests of scientific research, of course :grin:

Imagine what people would think if you took your 4DFluffy outside! Reckon she might get pretty distracted though, what with all the cows and goats and grumpy cats out there :t_rex:

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Nice to see the outcome @Erik-KOS thanks for sharing! Of the 4 which did you find most “agreeable” to you being outdoors?