Outdoor Riding in the UK

Hi everyone. I’m in the UK.
My A-race for this year is the end of June, in Europe. I’m increasingly feeling like this ain’t gonna happen. It’s a long way off yet but I’m thinking of some contingency plans.

It’s a rare day that I get a few days away from work and the family so thought I might take the opportunity for a few days riding somewhere in the UK.

I’ll be road cycling, up to maybe 100-150k a day, 3-4 days. I’d just like some lovely scenery, quiet road, some hills and great pubs. I used to travel to the Lakes a lot but have never cycled there. It’s gorgeous and is first thought.

Suggestions please! I live in the Chilterns and spend a lot of time in Cornwall, so would like to avoid the South…



Edited as I realised I gave no details!

The Peak District has some great riding!!

Hi Lee, I was brought up in the Chilterns too. You could ride the Fred Whitton route if you fancied a trip to the lakes.You could take a train to the midlands and cycle out into mid-north Wales.I did the tour of the Cotswolds a few years back, they should charge just for the privilege of cycling through the pretty villages. Really the country is your oyster

@alchurch The Whitton route in particular is a great shout Alan, thank you.

Thanks also Lee @aerobrain . I grew up in South Derbyshire and made it up to the south parts of the Peaks on occasion. Never on a bike though I’m sad to say. When I eventually make it back to my folks (covid dependant) I’ll have to pack the steed and try and disappear for a day. :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:



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Why don’t you do the Tour of Wessex routes? That’s 3 days back to back on the bank holiday normally and not too far from home? Tour Of Wessex 2021 | Events | Earth Sports

If not, maybe look at an adventure type ride? How far can you ride from home then get the train back? C2C or length of Wales (N2S) Gives a goal? Lakes is a great shout, Fred Whitton particularly. You could see about some of the other big sportive routes and crib from Strava.

Interesting, thank you. I think I need to start planning!

I’ve lived in Manchester and know the rides there and I’ve lived in the ‘Forest of Bowland’. With 3-4 days you could get trapped between cities in the Peak District. I used to do a loop of Manchester:Sheffield:Buxton:Manchester in one. It’s really nice but the problem is you need to move area now. It was quite a lot in 1 day but I am having difficult imagining a third day.

I’d go to Clitheroe on the train (go to Manchester and walk to Manchester Victoria and get small train to Clitheroe). From Clitheroe I’d cycle north skirting by the east of Stocks Reservoir, enter Yorkshire and then head west towards Lancaster. Really nice area. Really good pubs. Relatively unknown. I’d overnight there. Day two: I’d not go into Lancaster but instead plan a route into the lakes. Cycle up the west side of Lake Coniston and stop again. I used to drive there to swim. Most tourists only go as far as Wyndemere. On the third day I’d then go to an awesome pub I can’t remember the name of at the north end of Wast Water. You can nip up Scarfell Pike (if you leave the bike) from there in half a day. Most people trek from the other direction, which is much further (& like Piccadilly Circus). 4th day I’d spend getting to a train back south. I’m guessing Kendal is the nearest big station. Would need to look that bit up. There’s probably a route over the top of Coniston and Wyndemere once you’re out of the valley with Wast water in it.

You could look up one of the previous Wild Wales challenges if you wanted to test the legs with a lot of climbing!

Some top stuff here, thank you.

Really nice area. Really good pubs. Relatively unknown
is bang on!

Is it the Wasdale Head Inn you mean? I remember camping near there and drinking there during a walking trip in the mid-90s. Very fond memories.

Excellent idea, thank you. I’ve never really got in to cycling tips, my biking has always been just tri training or round the local areas. This is all opening my eyes.

Yes, that’s exactly the place. Camped nearby and never stayed in a room. Assume it’s good though. Spoke to a motorbiker from Newcastle last time I was there who was staying and he was happy.

I don’t know if it’s just relief not to be dead but I’ve had a good time there each time. Once I swam in Wast Water, which is 1) freezing 2) had waves to rival the sea and the other I got lost up SP in the fog (dodgy compass or one of the rocks is magnetic).

Pretty sure you can cycle Hardknot pass if you stay near lake Coniston (?wrong direction) and then go to Wasdale Head. Probably not enough for a full day though, which is why I’d nip up SP as long as it’s not foggy.

I’m in the USA, but I did the 3 Pistes Challenge a few years back. We had miserable weather, but it was still absolutely stunning and quite hard. You could do a lot worse than going up to Scotland and riding in the Highlands.

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